Janet’s True Love

janet-paul-aliciaJanet’s True Love


Is it me or is it not is the only question.  Is it Frank Paul Gambino and Janet Jackson or not?  We all know that actions speak louder than words and we all know I continue to be a hidden truth or is it all one big lie and I am being fed a bone, being pacified.  What I say is limited to a few web sites and being heard by limited people, when you look up Janet Jackson you do not find Frank Paul Gambino unless you specifically ask for me.  When you look up Alicia Keys you still read about Janet and her considering going to bed and not that she is her daughter.  So what is the truth? We know what Janet’s PR wants out there and she plays along with it.  Like Denzel Washington said, it is not show business but the business show.  And if Jermaine Dupri is an actor in Janet’s case she picked the wrong leading man and it was an injustice to me.  Why I say this is self explanatory on many fronts and if she cannot see it he is not very wise, unless she has something to hide.


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