A Major Studio Project Ahead

janet-paul-aliciaA Major Studio Project Ahead

 I am now a proud member of ASCAP, I just received my membership number yesterday, so now I can receive royalty checks for the songs I write, for example if they are played over the radio.  Now I just need someone with talent to perform a few of my songs.

I made a major investment on my home studio and I just made major hardware upgrades and some software as well that is major and I go on vacation next week for a work week, which comes out to 9 days off consecutive.  I plan to use this time to master Cubase 4.5.2 and review Reason 4.01 which I am pretty good with and I need to learn my VSTi, which I spent a small fortune on. 

 I mean I am running Vista 64 bit on a duel core quad, with about 1.5TB storage space and 1TB free space and 4GB of RAM; I could use 8GB, but in reality the only program I know uses all 4GB is Cubase 4.5.2, I have to do research on that, before the next upgrade, but let me push the computer first to monitor its performance.

 A friend said I must be stupid to invest all the money I invested on this studio and cannot use it.  It is not that I cannot use it, but I am not a power-user and that is my goal.  The music in my mind has to be created then I will get paid for making really good music and songs.  It is in there (My Mind) but I have to know how to use my tools to make it happen. 

 I set aside this project to write that screenplay, now I want to take a week to just go over what I do not know, I know Cubase but nowhere near where I should be able to apply it to my musical composition creations and songs.

 I want to copyright “Everybody has Demons” as “Black Sunday” and I want Janet and Alicia to co write the copyrighted version.  I would like alternate endings and I want the conversations held by women in the screen written by women but with the same substance, I registered it quickly to protect the screen as an interim solution, but it still has to be copyrighted within fair amount of time, I will send them the information they need when I revisit the screen.  Until then I am the sole writer, but hey I will not be in the damn movie.


 You have thought about the future long enough, now you must get your act together and do whatever it takes to turn your dreams into realities. Sacrifices will have to be made but it will make success taste all the sweeter when it arrives. It’s not so far away.

Today’s planetary alignments will make it easy for you to get out and about and meet new people. Even if you are the kind of Pisces who prefers your own company you would be wise to make the effort. Fortune will smile on you, but only if you meet it halfway.

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