Tired of Arguing

cubase-studio-4Tired of Arguing

I am just going to do what I setout to do or at least attempt at it, which is my Vista Home Recording Studio Project.  How do I argue under the radar?  You know my routine Janet; I rest late on Saturday morning if I am tired from the work week, now I am up.  I think I will listen to Randy Jackson radio show before I go to work on the studio lessons.


Nobody is going to respect me for arguing over you Janet until you publicly state I am your man, then I will be able to act in self defense, at this point I am seemingly the threat and problem to the public eye.  When you recognize me your life will change forever and mine’s also.  That is meeting halfway as it was suggested yesterday, because I duly recognized you many times, in fact just about everyday. I am sure you have your reasons we all do.  At this point my friends will once again be friendly and watch my back, now they feel abandoned by me for Janet, everybody has their reasons and so do I.  The fact of the matter is I know something not everything but enough!


The fact of the matter is I recently made an apology to Janet because I came out of my face wrong for reasons that had nothing to do with her.  I guess she is learning about me; if I cannot express my frustrations to her who can I express them to?

Because your ruler Venus is at odds with Pluto on your birthday you are advised to steer clear of situations that might bring you into conflict with people in positions of power. As much as possible fly below the radar. They don’t need to know you exist.

Get tough with someone who has been giving you a hard time for no good reason. People will respect you more if you can show that you respect yourself. You don’t have to take discourteous behavior from anyone, today, tomorrow or any other day of the week.


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