Janet and Fake Nudes, $, & Sexuality

800px-janet_jackson_31Janet and Fake Nudes, $, & Sexuality

“I never posed nude and never will,” said Janet in response to Internet posting of nude photos of her.  It is unfortunate that once you receive celebrity status, you are fair game to people who will exploit you anyway they can make a dollar. Have you ever noticed how every celebrity has a nude gallery but almost never make it to Playboy Magazine?  Have you ever wondered why?  They are digital photos, they are not real and therefore no originals negative exist.

There were rumors floating around that Janet‘s love interest was Alicia Keys, but that should have died because she is her oldest daughter, Janet has been dogged with gay rumors as is Alicia also, and for this to even cross Janet’s mind had it, means she does not believe in monogamy and if that is how she wants it that will be the bed she made.  Men often think they want to be in the bed with there woman’s female love interest only to find out they are not the center of attention, to find themselves jealous,  I feel like if it is alright for a woman to sleep with another woman, than a  man can have another woman also for when she is preoccupied.   Three in the bed with two women into women isn’t happening with me.

Now as for this success bullshit, aggravate Janet with that shit she is the one who is high maintenance, I have never had anything and care less about all that bullshit either I will become a have or remain and have not, but I will not bounce against the walls worrying about it.  I think success is overrated unless it comes easy and it does not, so what is all the preoccupation about unless it is doing something you enjoy doing.  Too much labor is a curse! 

I am on vacation enjoying the wonders of Cubase Studio ™ 4, I am up and running with a few lessons to go, all this bullshit about success save it, because it is homosexual bullshit, success this and success that fuck success!

You won’t lack for inspiration this year, nor will you lack for self-belief. Looking around you it will be obvious that there are major opportunities arising for people who are not afraid to take chances. The old always gives way to the new. Which one are you?

Others may have the upper hand at the moment but you can safely let them call the shots as relationships of all kinds are under excellent stars over the next few days. Eventually, of course, you will have to make decisions for yourself, but not yet.


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