Allegorical Questioners (U Need to Stop)

paul-in-army-1983-or-84Allegorical Questioners (U Need to Stop)

I just assume to take things as they come to me to include Janet, because historically if I say I want to go right you say left is available and if I say left you say right is available.  If I say I want to work hard you say take it easy and if I say I want to take it easy you say bust your ass.  The point is that every time I telegraph my intentions you sabotage the path.  But it is not what I say but what I do and as much as I plan, it never goes exactly as planned.

How many years ago did I request my VA pension, the only reason I can think of my not receiving it is because you fear my having anything, because I am regulated.  The dentist just stopped working on my mouth as soon as I made a statement about leaving the country, they said they have to modify my crown, how do you modify a finished crown? I am a member of ASCAP, how long will it be before my songs are picked up?  From the sounds on the radio, it could not happen too soon.  I wrote two screenplays, one is very Hollywood friendly and one very revealing about the state of the world. So you have an excuse on one but when is “Everyone has Demons,” going to be picked up?

See there are many was to refresh my wallet, but you choose to offer me more credit but nothing I do is good enough to turn a buck.  And until this day I cannot understand why I and Janet are still on two separate planets, when you have so many options to put me into the mix.  If I took the credit and invested it, would it turn a buck or create more debts?  Now I have Cubase under my belt, not that my music and songs are bad but now they can be better presented.  You know you are full of shit, “Do you know your objectives.”   Who do I write every morning, my family?  Give me a break from the rhetorical questions.

There is a huge luck factor working in your favor now, though for the most part it is operating behind the scenes, smoothing your path and making it easy for you to reach your objectives. Which begs the question: do you know what your objectives are?

If you are smart you will begin the week slowly because your physical, mental and emotional batteries need to be recharged before you can get started on your next big challenge. Put work on hold for a few days. The only effort you should make is to relax.


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