Janet’s FCC Nightmare Relived

arab-in-veilJanet’s FCC Nightmare Relivedafrican-breat-exposed1

So it will not go away that is the wardrobe malfunction.  I guess now at the super bowl halftime show, they will have to warn people that the show may have a slip of the tongue or a malfunction of clothing.  Just do away with live shows that are family oriented on daytime television.  I mean there was almost total nudity in Shaka Zulu, but we were forewarned of the graphic content.

The issue is not that Janet’s breast was exposed on television, but when and how.  It is about defining American culture and it goes against everything President Obama stated in this is a multicultural society and the country is not Christian.  The real question is does the FCC rules supersede American norms.  Which bring forth what is normal in America and the answer is that there is no norm, again I say America is multicultural society of no norms and if an American has the right to practice there religion, why should not an American be allowed to practice the ethnicity. Are we saying an Arab can where face gear in the bank, but an African must wear a bra?  Now who sounds foolish?

Personally I was disappointed by the act itself, the song selection and stage show was all wrong for the audience targeted it was a SNAFU in my opinion from the beginning.   CBS should pay the fine for allowing that act in the beginning under European culture

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