The Big Picture

dscn0144The Big Picture

I know the truth had I not I would not have been so patient, so I found a pastime  that keeps my mind of off the crap going on and I work on my music and write screenplays and work, and of course blogs as I am this morning, which is actually a fairly large book in the making with photos and the rest.  See I know the truth but are they ready for it and if so why am I still being used as a black ops activity.  I am much more than Janet’s love interest, husband or baby daddy or whatever she wants, because I cannot and will not force myself into her life actively

Even Janet is bigger than Janet, she is a key of judgment, and she is symbolic and representative of black people in America.  A lot of mind control was applied to her, not that she does not have freedom of choice, but her decisions were made in a controlled environment, just as it was applied to me.  Because of what I know I choose to pursue her, without forcing myself on her I have to be invited into her life and she made the decisions she made, that I think were often selfish, because as she procrastinates people are dying by the millions unnecessarily.  Does it sound like I know the big picture?

Anything I get from anyone is owed to me and I get less than 1% of 1% o what is due me so do not go there.  I am content with being able to pay my bills and invest in my studio projects at a minimum and that is all I have and if anyone finds it in their heart to be jealous of that so be it, but I will make ends meet by any mean necessary, if you want to make things fall out of whack screw with my flow and I will introduce you to a side of me we have not seen in a long time.  Why am I content certainly not because I am anywhere near where I want to be, but because I know my purpose and it is not necessary to talk about it directly on a daily basis, but I know you all will have to come to me sooner or later and sooner is better for you all and the bottom line is I am to stop you all for committing self destruction, which is where you all are headed and Janet seems to be a reflection of the mirror.

Do you know what your purpose is? Do you even know that you should have a purpose? What happens over the next few months will awaken you to the fact that there is a reason for your existence, and a pretty nice one at that. Your Life Plan is about to become clear.

Someone you have gone to for emotional and financial assistance in the past may not be able to help you today and it could come as a bit of a shock. Deep down you know you have been relying on them too much. This is your wake-up call to get your act together.

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