Extended Version on Janet’s Studio Support

Janet DJJExtended Version on Janet’s Studio Support

I just wrote Janet a song that I believe the music is superb, the words are great and the vocal arrangements are totally different, I just have to add clarity to the vocals or should I say that is all she needs to do.  I think I will send her my version at 16 bits and sent her a copy of the music without the lyrics at 24 bits, I could send it at 32 bit floating, but that will not be necessary.  I think I will write Janet about 5 more songs if possible over the next 2 months or so.  I agree with one of her critics, she just needs to put out another album about something and forget about billing it as a comeback, she has been around well over 20 years, I guess that is the pressure one has to endure as Michael’s sibling. I have to mix the song now in the console mode and it is a done deal.

I always invite positive change but all talk is meaningless, furthermore under the current conditions I am content.  I mean I feel like I am in prison being alone and all, sure I can easily do something about that but it would defeat the purpose, I mean why get into a relationship I have not long term intentions of and then there is Janet how do you claim love while you stick you neighbor?  So I just assume work on my music and writings and stay busy.  I know people are playing judge upon me, it is not right but I have to act like whatever I say or do will be yelled from the rooftop.  Yet I do vent sometimes.

I listened to a lot of my music and I think some of my stuff would be hits for a lot of older Icons, like “What you like” would be great for the Rolling Stones especially with Michael Jackson in duet with Mick and I can go on, maybe I am the 40+ artist songwriter.

I got Prince and Charlie Wilson, I almost did not get Charlie after I got Prince, he has over 30 songs on his 3 CD set, Charlie has about 12 songs and cost me $2 more.  Charlie is one of my favorite male vocals and Prince is like Michael Jackson’s competition in the past.  You know when you think about it everyone is pressuring Janet to sell 1 Million plus records or retire from the music business but Prince was billed as Michael Jackson’s competition and he is free to go independent and be artistic without any media pressure.  If Janet listens to me for a change, she will sell records at a faster pace than in the recent past, regardless she has to live with herself in whatever she does.  I do not have to be careful they do, because I will not LEAD them wrong!  It is up to them to follow or go astray.

For quite some time now you have been aware that certain aspects of your lifestyle need changing and a full moon on your birthday invites you to make those changes and make them big. Scrap what went before. Go back to basics. You can start again.

Tread carefully when dealing with friends and colleagues. Your plans and their plans may be similar but that is not a good enough reason to assume that they will fall into line and do as you want to do. On the contrary, they will most likely do the opposite.

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