Are you Stupid? Stupid!

PaulAre you Stupid?  Stupid!

Being content under the current circumstance, does not mean I am happy with the circumstance but that I am ready and willing to endure the hardshipsI am not happy about my current circumstances and I voiced this very comprehensibly.  I opened the doors to make it possible to credibly put me on the map.  I wrote songs, I wrote a couple of books and a couple of screenplays, but my intellectual property is as valuable as my name as we are all pretending we do not know who Paul Castellano is.  Janet is still masquerading between me and Jermaine, she has yet to fully commit to me as the government pretends I have no value to them or that they did not wrongs to me.

How do I upgrade my lifestyle on my current budget?  Janet is supposed to be my helpmate, if anyone is not playing by team regulations it is her and you all.  You say be left behind I am so far back I am not even recognized by the basic audiences and references.  Forget about the banks!  I do not exist!  You want me to kiss your ass and not play team ball whatsoever.  It is you all that are not playing team ball.  Everyone has theirs but me, but I am the one not playing team ball.

I have a case at the VA pending for over 20 years without a final decision, yet I served you all 33 years, I am on albums that my name fails to exist on, I have a screenplay copyright and one registered with the writers guild, I have music copyrighted, a book copyrighted and a work of art on the internet and if Janet was on her job I have more copyrighted material than I did alone.  I am a member of ASCAP, yet all my million dollar checks are going to some one else’s box, but I am not the team player?  Get real! I am not going to sell my soul to Satan it is time for him gain one and have a heart!

The message of the day should have been are you stupid or are you stupid!

The way you live now may be comfortable but will it still be comfortable five years down the line? Your birthday chart suggests it is time to update your lifestyle. The world is moving forward at an ever faster pace. Move with it or get left behind.

Cooperation is a must, both in your private life and in your work. Sometimes it’s okay to go it alone but the planets warn you won’t get anywhere if you are too independent-minded this week. You’re smart enough to know that, so be a willing team player.


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