Let us introduce Gambino Productions

Paul G

Let us introduce Gambino Productions

Respect the Name

I am trying to work something out with Janet and make Gambino Productions a subsidiary of Black Doll; it would instantly increase the value of my intellectual property and therefore increase Janet’s Production Company.  This way I can submit a request for a Trademark and be allowed to legally state that my works are from Frank Paul Jones © 2009 AKA Gambino Productions ™ (ASCAP), I feel we need to get more organized, my Trademark has to be pending ™  even if I do not get it and be allowed to use the symbol ® Registered Trademark.  The family name belongs to me.  

I do not feel like I am full of pride, but I think my intellectual property will be valuable once people know who I am, I think it will collectively be bigger than the Beatles Catalog own partially by Michael Jackson as I will continue to build on it, so it would be business savvy by Janet to push this agenda ahead.

I do not want to manage Janet’s career anymore as I did in the past, I do not want our relations to depend on the success or failure of her career, plus it well I will not go to that extreme, but I do want micro manage her life, I mean boundaries have to be set for the both of us sort of like a Constitution and if we stay within those boundaries it is all good.  But Micro-Managing her day to day affairs in her profession, to be honest I have my own agenda, like Colon Powell I am always open to give advice, but managing Janet’s career is bad for relationships, that does not mean any Bozo will do and whoever it is will have to answer to me, this will reduce scheduling conflicts.

All and all my vacation was a success, I learned a few major pointers concerning my music studio or should I say studio in general because it has writing and video programs as well and I touched bases with them all, but in depth with the home recording studio, I manage to put a professional production together in about 4 or 5 days. It has a very low audio sound to noise ratio, the lyrics are excellent, the music is very good and even the vocals are good and now I can do this consistently.  I feel like it is that message song, but may not be the big hit, but because of its content it has to gain wide respect, because the song does not lie about the contemporary issue.

You will be praised from every direction this year. And you thoroughly deserve it. Will it go to your head? Maybe, maybe not, but in the greater scheme of things there are bigger sins than pride. Enjoy the applause – then go looking for more.

Impulse buying is not a good idea at the best of times but with Venus and Mars transiting the money area of your chart you have to splash out. To a certain extent that’s OK but don’t spend everything you’ve got just to impress others.


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