AllGood Entertainment Makes Jackson’s an Offer

The Jackson FamilyAllGood Entertainment Makes Jackson’s an Offer

Patrick Allocco of AllGood Entertainment says though he has the exclusive rights to Michael Jackson’s next concert tour, he is willing to compromise.  As we all know Michael sold out his 50 shows stand in London and Mr. Allocco has plans to stop the show, but we all know the show must go on in all fairness.   So a deal was put on the table and was agreed upon my AllGood Entertainment and here is the deal.

Let Michael perform in London under conditions that Janet and his siblings do a world tour for AllGood Entertainment starting the summer of July 2010.  Assists in Janet’s album and an album for the Jackson’s, let Michael release part one of a two part album for these shows and part two for the world tour. 

Now Frank Dileo and Patrick Allocco like men of honor and respect must draw out a workable schedule, it is a win & win situation for Michael and all his family members and I will be disappointed in Frank Dileo if this show is stopped in London, because a man’s word is his bond.  Live Nation is acting funny so let’s go with AllGood Entertainment a good alternative that wants us bad enough to bend his current agreement to get his show off the ground.

Frank Paul Gambino


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