Logistics for the Jackson’s & AllGood Entertainment

Michael & JanetLogistics for the Jackson’s & AllGood Entertainment

Patrick Allocco responded to a letter I wrote him and basically said if he got an offer from the Jackson Family I guess specifically Michael Jackson similar to the one I put on the table, he would back off and agree to the Concerts in London.  And he said Frank Dileo is not cooperating. I later found out it was a one show deal and would be viewed over the Internet, I think that is a lazy and bad promotion so I suggested that he might consider having the show viewed on the big screen either live or like a movie would be suffice.   I suggested he try to book AAFES Reel-Time Theaters  as an act of good intent they own 6,500 screens and asked OK they can make 30 Million US dollars, but what is guaranteed? 

He said the show would take all day and would be a professional production, this means a 3 hour music video that can allow special effects not capable in a live show to include a virtual audience, so why cannot this be a movie production that can bring in at least $100 Million+ in 1,800 to 2,200 Theaters for two or three weeks.  These are not miscalculations they are honest inquiries. If he wants to book the show he needs to book seats, trying to show it over the Internet is trying to turn a penny into $30 Million and that is unrealistic.  Furthermore if it will be an all day production in front of a live audience, it will require the right people.

You need to be consistent and come back to me with something in a continuous series; I am trying to work with you all.  You said I need to practice teamwork; I asked Janet Jackson to make Gambino Productions a subsidiary of Black Doll Productions,, then I want to apply for a Trade name and have my Trademark Pending ™.  I expect her to act on these requests; I need the legal standing to sign the acts I plan to sign.  I should make that Gambino Records but that could regulate me

I am working at a slower pace to create more professional productions on the music end, my last creation I think was professional and radio friendly.  And I am coming across new trade secrets to add to my repertoire.

Finally someone mentioned why was not Janet sued for her tour and Michael is being sued, well the chances are Janet’s tour was over by time this deal was struck and she cancelled the tours for scheduling conflicts.  All Michael has to do is agree to the damn show and all Patrick has to is present a good promotional.  The current plan sounds like garbage and done lazily.    

By all means aim to move up in the world but make sure your ambitions stay in line with your abilities. Yes, you could and should be doing more but there is no point in setting you goals that are impossible to reach. Small steps will take you a long way.

If you don’t know all the facts about a particular situation you are strongly advised not to draw any conclusions, especially about other people’s motives. While mind planet Mercury continues to move retrograde minor miscalculations could lead to major mistakes.


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