The Jackson Family Virtual Concert and Magic Show

The Jackson FamilyThe Jackson Family Virtual Concert and Magic Show

I received another letter from Mr. Patrick Allocco the President/CEO of AllGood Entertainment. Both side being the Jackson Family and AllGood Entertainment wants to play ball, however I see them miles apart as far as Logistics, we want a realistic plan as to how he plans to pull this off and the investment capital and guaranteed salary for the commitment, I feel the current plan is destined to fail.  I am not going to seat in front of a computer to watch a concert I have to pay for.

The timing has to be strategic; Hollywood will almost certainly going put something out on the 4th of July weekend that is big and we can be that, we have to have committed seats in the theaters for this to work and hope our choice is the choice of the movie goers on that weekend and the following two weekends.  As I suggested he book AAFES Reel-Time Theaters for a start we are talking about 6,500 screens whereby many of the theaters are old school and not multiplex, they have a 7,000 seat theater in Iraq.  In fact if it is going to be an all day shoot to tape the show I would consider inviting many of our troops because they are discipline and deserve to be a part of this history, the first showing or only stage show can be a USO show and the logistics for the show can be handled by the Military as far as stage engineers and so forth, transportation, you know the list, sound engineers must I name the whole entourage?

We give the USO the show and in return the AAFES commit the theaters to us on July 3rd and the talent fees will be covered by the USO.  I do not expect Patrick to commit a bunch of seats all at once, but start the promotions and sell seats to theaters in advance 10 or 20 theaters at a time for the big day.  In fact the show has to be before 3 July 2010 to show it on that day if he wants to professionally tape it.

I know it is Michael’s dream to have a magic show and Janet deserves one also and by taping it we can include effects unheard of at a concert, we can bill this show as the Jackson Family Virtual Concert and Magic Show and invest 10 million on a big show with all the trimmings and give the people what they pay for.  Patrick Allocco has to stop bickering about London and start doing his damn job, with is to promote the big show.  If the investment capital, logistical planning and foreseeable return is there we will also be there, but currently he is doing a poor job promoting the show.  And I want the sponsorship of Monster Energy Drinks, who will reach over 50,000 GI’s at one time at the Football Arena, not to mention all the people millions of people who will go to the theaters to see the show.  The soldier cannot drink alcohol in the middle east, but can drink Monster Energy Drinks.


 AAFES 5 Year Statistics in Millions

Doing business with AAFES can be a very profitable arrangement, whereby the military is 100% employed and AAFES hires over 45,000 people in addition to the military 1.1 Million personal currently on active duty in the United States Military, which is well kept secret consumers paradise whom have requested more than once they want better entertainment and the USO can deliver and that is the theme I want for this show.

AAFES 2006 Annual Report

 AAFES Stats

You have great plans for the year ahead and you can’t help but feel excited, but there are people out there who think you are aiming too high. Don’t let them peg your feet to the ground. They can walk if they wish – you’re going to fly.

You will feel much better about yourself today if you forget about your duties and chores for a while and spend time doing what makes you feel happiest in life. You know all those little jobs that need doing? They actually don’t need doing at all. Leave them.


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