H.R. 484 May strike down Radio Exemption to Performance Royalties

Janet #26H.R. 484 May strike down Radio Exemption to Performance Royalties


I am not doing anything out of the ordinary or extraordinary.  I am just hoping Janet might perform one show for AllGood Entertainment; I do not want a long drawn out court lawsuit, by Patrick Allocco.  Michael said he would do the show when he comes from London, Janet is working on a new album.  I just took it on my own to act as a mediator between MJJ and Patrick, I might have committed Janet prematurely, but the show would help record sales, she can do her best songs and record the performance and make an agreement to use them to promote her album saving costs on music videos.  The arrangement is all good if all we get is the retainer and access to the film for future exploitation.  In other words instead of paying to make videos will get paid to make an extravaganza, that can be used to exploit our material.


I understand that  ASACP, BMI, and SASAC Americas Performance Rights Organizations (PRO’s) proposed a bill through Rep. John Conyers to go up on the rates to play music over the radio airwaves, I do not know if that includes internet radio, I am searching for this information and will report on this in the future.  Radio personalities are upset with this change.  The House Bill will strike down radio exemption of performance rights. Under H.R. 484 if passed many black radio personalities think it my harm the radio industry.  The issue is about putting some more money in the artists pockets.


It might work out, I am a member of ASCAP and I know recording artist are not selling music like the old days and radio airplay is my number one source of music listening.  You will find that most people listen to the radio hours every day.  So if this is true, it might not be all unethical or bad but a good thing, it would simply require a slight increase in fess by commercials aired on the radio and if it applies to internet radio and it should it would protect the radio industry from unfair competition.  Basically it is a new tax across the economic board and the radio stations will not carry the burden alone.


Performance Rights

Click above to learn what performing rights are


Performing rights are the right to perform music in public. It is part of copyright law and demands payment to the music’s composer/lyricist and publisher (with the royalties generally split 50/50 between the two.


You may be of the opinion that there are no limits, and generally speaking you may be right, but with Saturn turning direct on your birthday this year it will pay you to know how far you can go without provoking a negative reaction. Far enough, but not too far!

You may have to cut back on social activities and focus more on your home life this week but it won’t cause you any great hardship. Partners and loved ones need your assistance and you will jump at the chance to do your self-sacrifice bit.


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