Alicia, MJJ, John Gotti, Janet & Issues

MJJ #7Alicia, MJJ, John Gotti, Janet & Issues


There are soon immediate issues that need mentioning:



 Alicia #4

I do not like what Swizz Beatz included in his song concerning her, it was rude at a minimum, it was not an act of love, and he is telling everyone he found a sugar momma.  So what next Alicia has to raise his child and take care of his wife, just to get her groove on, it is low self esteem, but we did it to her.  This relationship is a career killer, but she is grown and can make her own decisions and may well learn the hard way, at the end she will have shoulder to cry on and him a price to pay. She has been through enough, as did Janet as well.


Michael Jackson:

 Janet #10

I concur with Michael I do not like pay per view and it is lazy promotions.  I want 1,800 to 2,200 movie theaters for three weeks initially selected for their visual productions and great sound.  I want Monster Energy Drink as a sponsor the project to be sold at the venues with no alcohol being sold and I want a deal struck with AAFES Reel-Time Theaters. 


They have a huge economy that is not affected by the recession, but is benefiting from it as we are in war and 6,500 screens are owned by AAFES, that would be a start and would cover at a minimum the retainer fees.  If we go USO we might be able to strike a deal with AAFES seamlessly.  Patrick need to file an application with the USO which has to be done six months in advance and not the courts because  the O2 in London has nothing to do with these negotiations the issues here are  logistics, Patrick needs to work on the project he has to offer instead of making quickie offers, using blackmail tactics, we have plenty of time to put this show together.


Finally, I do not know how he figured out the salaries if Michael is guaranteed $3 Million Janet get a guarantee of $1.5 million and the brother to include Randy gets 750,000, and half comes in advance as a retainer and on the day of the retainer we have a contract and the promotions can begin.


John Gotti Junior:

 John Junior #1

I understand his case ended in a mistrial on 11 May 2009, they can try him again and again, but we all know it is me.  I want him to run a Gambino Enterprise for me and negotiated in my name with Patrick Allocco.  I want John to be a part of Gambino Productions in fact he can have Gambino Records and sign his nephews once we establish the companies.  I think this will be good for John he needs a legal identity.


Ideas and Reputation:


If you think I went through all of this to die famous you are stupid, who cares what people think of me after I die?  I plan to be around for a very long time and if I fail to do this I failed in life and will be remember as a man with a dram unrealized.  The secret is in the stem cells.  If Bill Gates can sell the operating system to computers Gambino Pharmaceuticals will and can create and deliver to the world the operating system of mankind expending life astronomically.  Expanding life in this world will be my mark or there will be no mark.  My current goal is 150 years of healthy living and that can turn to 300 if accomplished.


Message of the day:


You have a burning desire to create something that lasts, something you can be proud of, something that will still be there long after you have gone. You will get your wish over the next 12 months. Whatever that something might be it will make your reputation.

Today’s Sun-Mercury union will bring a rush of new ideas but don’t be too eager to act on them yet. You won’t know for certain if they are the right ideas for you until Mercury turns direct at the end of the month. Take your time and get it right.


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