The Evolution of the Gotti & Jackson Family

The Gotti BrothesThe Evolution of the Gotti & Jackson Family


I remember the conversation me and John Gotti had about the finances of his children.  He told me I can spoil mine’s but I will not spoil his, he said he did not want them to have too much at any given time and he wanted them to work for their money.  Now Alicia is making me rethink his opinion, because $200,000,000 could cause a lot of problems, put in her unstable hands.

 Alicia #4

First of all I understand Victoria has an urgent matter that needs to be resolved and I understand she has son’s interested in show business, as much as I try to write R&B music, my outcome is popular, you ask a person what type of music one of my songs are and I get different responses, from trance to jazz to actually R&B and Pop, I think I already have material perfect for a young Italian Group to enter the pop culture, it’s dance, fresh funky and damn if you cannot hear the Sicilian in me, like Prince it has that Mulatto sound, I guess it is innate.  The good thing is it can be a bridge for an Italian group and like Britney and Justin a way to enter the R&B as well as Pop scene.

 John Jr #1

Where am I going with this, if John Junior decides to take on this mission, I would like for him to establish Gambino Records and sign his nephews as a first act of the establishment.  I want Michael Jackson and/or Janet Jackson to present them the same way Diana Ross presented the Jackson Five, people will say Michael and/or Janet discovered them like Columbus discovered America, sure you are right! 

 Janet #12

If we can prepare them this can happen by the summer of 2010 and the contract can be drawn sooner.  We will arrange for the John Gotti offspring’s to have diverse portfolios, but I want to introduce them the entertainment business meaning singing, dancing, acting and business lessons, I am certain the business area is covered.  I think we can pay them through music, song, dance and movies, they already have name recognition, they just need to make the name good, by legitimizing there associations with the Gambino Family that I plan to make legal anyway.  The old ways of doing things are done with.  That is the message of the day!

 MJJ #3

I told Patrick Allocco I want to do business with him, if he interferes with the O2 shows he will break my heart, I feel like he is extorting us.  We have time and he agreed already that one show has nothing to do with the other, he said Michael can do the O2 as long as he does the Texas show and why Texas and not New York City, but he is using rush tactics to get an agreement and that will not be tolerated.  We have time to discuss the logistics to insure a success; we cannot afford to enter into an agreement destined for failure for the sake of agreeing.  Hire a writer and present this show’s ideas, make tentative agreements to get seats at theaters, people want to be in air conditioned theaters comfortably seated for such an event.  Present a plan man and then we will make you a fair offer or agree to one.  Act like a professional businessman and not a con man.   The Jackson Family is a part of my family and I will defend them as such.


Message of the Day


Worldly success can be yours over the next 12 months or so if you are willing to junk the old way of doing things and adopt new methods and ideas. The pace of life moves faster by the day. Don’t be so set in your ways that you get left behind.

The more of an effort you make to be nice to people today – not just people you know but people you encounter for the first time – the more likely it is that Lady Luck will smile on you. The more you give, the more you get. It’s that simple.



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