If I am guilty of Self-Deception the world ends

Paul #3If I am guilty of Self-Deception the world ends


People spend hundreds of millions of dollars at the movie theaters every weekend and the big weekend on 4th of July weekend.  If you put on a virtual concert magic show with new unheard music for the duration of about 3 hours we do not want it to be too long, with a mix of Michael, Janet and the Jackson’s performing at high energy, with huge promotions, you will attract a minimum of $100 Million in three weeks at $20 per ticket. We are talking about the high tech theaters with great surround sound and excellent visual equipment.  And it you put together good popular songs, that has R&B flavor the Gotti Brothers will be the next big hit on the scene, people loved John Gotti the criminal, they found him intriguing  so imagine how they will receive his grandchildren doing the right thing, singing about contemporary issues that are pro mafia and anti Illuminati?  That would be different and actually a positive message in the thug arena!  How is the cause of the economic crisis?

 The Old Crew Gambino

Now I am done with that, you are either going to do it or not, but you are going to keep questioning me about it.  It is either going to happen or not.  As for stem cells either it is the promise for mankind, or not and is a false alarm only time will tell.  However I bet my life on it, if I die at 80 years or less my whole life was a waste and I was played and it was all a lie and a waste of time.

 Janet #1

If anything someone is drifting away it is from me for being insensitive.  I am in the process of negotiating and I am using the web site as a tool to that end.  I was getting good responses from Patrick Allocco and Janet posted some shit about an obsessed fool tattooing her to his side as an act of love.  The fool has about 50 tattoos so he made 50 acts of love.  A tattoo is a fashion statement to him.  I mean if he really loved Janet he would cut off a finger or something since he likes pain.  Jermaine Dupri is a nasty fool and I am really tired of competing with him over her, maybe I need to find me a girlfriend and say we are just friends.  I mean if they are just friends what is going on here and why I was never introduced?  I want to end this letter with a verse out of the bible, but first I want to say, I would never get a tattoo for Janet, my mother or myself, but I do wear two crowns, that symbolizes, Strength and precious beauty.

1Co 13:11 When I was a child, I talked like a child; I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.


Message of the day

Your head may be full of great ideas but how practical are they? That is the question you need to ask yourself every single day as a Mercury-Neptune aspect on your birthday boosts your imaginative powers but also your tendency to self-deception.

You need to get close to someone you have drifted away from emotionally since the start of the year. The only way that is going to happen is if you make an effort to see life from their point of view. It’s really not that different from your own.


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