Gossip Designed to Deceive

AliciaGossip Designed to Deceive


You tell people the truth and they ignore it, and then you feed them bullshit and they eat it up.  Is it because people want to believe the bullshit, especially if it is malicious in nature?  It is like having friend that wish you dead and boy do I know about that one.  Like the one about Alicia and Swizz Beatz, it is all over her web page, but the man said he hooked up with Alicia alright in a musical sense he produced a remix of her “Teenage Love Affair.”  Alicia is grown and deserves a man, but a man whose ink is not even on the divorce none the less dry, come on forgetaboutit.


 Michael postponed the opening date for the O2 London show to make more time for dress rehearsals, which is a good thing, this insures a quality production.  Jermaine Dupri on the other hand, I do not know what to say about him, like I said the dude has 50 tattoos already and they say it was an act of love to add one of Janet to his already huge collection.  He put it on his side to say Janet is will never leave his side or because he is running out of places to add a tattoos like a lifetime junkie shooting dope in his private parts because he ran out of veins.  If he really loved Janet he would cut off has hand!  There are just some things I cannot and will not compete with and tattoos is one of them, I think it is wrong, I have many family members with them, I do not think any of my siblings went that far, we were not raised that way.  That is where Janet confuses me, because how she was raised and the selection of her company is worlds apart.  Tattoos and piercing her body and all that mess I do not understand this Janet.


There are just some things you do not speak about, because a person deserves their privacy regardless to the celebrity status.  But there are no rules with the paparazzi, other than there is a group of untouchable celebrities not open to discussion, however these days you will be surprised as to who is on that list and when they are put on it.  I was telling a friend how historically Hollywood was nothing but false rumors; they made up stuff and sold magazines based on total bullshit, then came the blogger who often were a step ahead of the media who sometimes posted old fashion bullshit, but often had the exclusive before it reached the Hollywood Tabloids, so their response was to try to authenticate their rumors by quoting sources but have you ever considered the source of their information?


As for me I know the truth when I hear it most of the time but not always, my ability to decipher bullshit is innate.  I am not easily deceived, but often touched in a harmful way by some of the things I read, people have no respect these day.  Why am I so nice?


Message of the Day


You want to do good in the world but what cause should you support? Ask yourself what it is that gives you the greatest pleasure in life. That is what you should be focusing on. It may not be a good cause as such but good things will come of it.

What you hear by way of gossip will intrigue you today, but can you believe it? With communications planet Mercury still moving retrograde you would be wise to take what you hear with a large pinch of salt, especially if it sounds slightly malicious.



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