There’s no Frank Paul Gambino & Janet Jackson

Paul & JanetThere’s no Frank Paul Gambino & Janet Jackson


Just because she is allegedly well off and I am allegedly not does not mean she is the giver and I the taker, it was the other way around.  Maybe that is how celebrities get wealthy; they take and do not compensate from the unfortunate for a profit.  I slaved for Janet for may years and never saw a dime and I did it out of caring and felt I was in dept to her, because of a child that I found out allegedly does not exist, so that makes me a free man, I owe her nothing.  If I owe anyone I owe myself.


First I was a loyal friend, then it is “I don’t know you man,” on the contrary I do not know her.  After 20 years plus, what does she not know about me.  But she remains a mystery because she hardly ever tells the truth and I have no more time for this charade. 


I cut off my hands and lost a lot of my friends, because of my love for her I left them behind and she does not respect that.  While I was alone, she was in bed with James, Rene, and Jermaine and half of Hollywood, with not a break in-between.  People think I am not good enough for her but it is the other way around, she is probably nothing but a worn out socket these days with a man who bought his penis over the internet, the leftovers as a result of 25 consecutive years of sexual activity, she admits she never took a break and claims no children, so be it and we have nothing in common.


This is not out of disrespect, but out of consideration to the few regular readers I have, that tune in on her web sites.  I will find me another platform and address new issues.  Janet does not pay me or compensate me, I am not her love interest, she asked me to be her loyal fan, I cannot settle for those conditions not actively.  I cannot continue to wakeup 4 am to post on her web sites, before I go to work and stay up until 10 pm researching current events without the respect or honor or a dime in the mail.  So now I have time to do me and reacquaint myself with old friends and leave her behind and count my losses.  I will get mine’s!




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