RE: You want a Loyal Fan?


To: Janet

From: Paul

RE: You want a Loyal Fan?

Date: 26 May 2009


I had an upsettingly long weekend, and I would like to explain; it started on Thursday when the air conditioner installations people reneged and did not install my AC that day but hopefully I will get it this week.  That upset me, because last year I caught hell because of my unit being broken and apartment unbearable, I had to buy one in emergency during the heat wave.  I still can feel what I went through.  I gave the portable unit to my sister due to space considerations, my apartment is built to hold a wall unit, then a spring heat wave hit and I was very uncomfortable projected a long summer and I reacted negatively. 


What I said to you Janet was not nice this weekend, but I honestly meant it; but what provoked it, normally I would have taken as a grain of salt.  But I was told before that I am passive aggressive and can switch modes at any given moment, but that is not open for public discussion, and so it is what it is…


…I refuse to play second fiddle to anyone, regardless of my conditions in life, not on my platform anyway.  Sure when you pay me I accept authority figures and supervision, how else can I assist you in fulfilling your tasks?  But when it comes to my business I am the Head Honcho and that is most of the day…as I do wear more than one head admittedly.


If you do not know me because we never talked it is your fault and yes trying to honor you was my fault for being alone all this time as it was your choice to stay in sexual relations for 25 consecutive years, while I was mostly alone hoping and praying you would tune me into your attention.  It was my fault to become lonely but it will also be my fault if I am foolish enough to continue down this path.


You want me to be a loyal fan, you may well get what you asked for.  Trust me it will not be the same whatsoever.




Love Is

By: Frank Paul Jones © 2009 AKA Gambino Productions ™




Love is patient, I’ll take my time

Love is kind, baby please be mine’s

It does not envy, not insecure….

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