Jermaine Dupri a Celebrity is Fair Game

Jermaine DupriJermaine Dupri a Celebrity is Fair Game


People like family and friends are concerned about some of the controversial statements I make concerning especially Jermaine Dupri, such as statements like Punk Ass Bitch or to question whether or not he is a homosexual.  However the fact of the matter is that a Celebrity is fair game.  I learned this during my training in Paralegal College.


If you are a public figure such as a celebrity or politician you are fair game and it would be extremely hard to win a civil lawsuit a tort for deformation of character.  Once you enter into the spotlight intentionally, people can basically say what they want to say about you and unless you can prove them wrong with intended malice, when the statement was said or published you are shit out of luck.  Very few people fall under this category, but unfortunately Jermaine Dupri does.  So as long as he acts like a Bitch he will be called one.


Dig this; the question was is Jermaine Dupri Gay?  Check out his bitch ass response.


Is Jermaine Dupri Gay?



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