Pursuing Janet Jackson to a no life VA Compensation

PaulPursuing Janet Jackson to a no life VA Compensation


I stayed up late last night working on my Compensation and Pension examination at the VAMC on 23rd street Wednesday 3 June 2009.  They should give me a rating that has to be approved by the Regional Office of the VA.  If things work out I might get enough to do something different with my life or do what I do better, but I will not count my chips before they fall.


The VA Service Connected Disability Rating will be applied back to when I first applied; I only can receive pay back to my discharge date if you applied for my disability rating within 365 calendar days from my date of discharge.  My discharge for this claim is 1984; I made my claim for disability in 1989.  The maximum retroactive pay I can receive is 20 years.


If I am lucky I will get between 30% and 50% Service Connected Disability, it is my dream to get  100%, but so was Janet Jackson in my dreams and I all but threw away my life pursuing her for over 20 years +, now it seems like the only thing left for me to do is die, as my life has passed me by.  VA compensation will not change this as I have aged and it may possibly be ill-reversible contrary to the promise of stem cells.  I am so upset with myself to let my life pass me by senselessly.  I do not know maybe I have brain damage, been hoodwinked through hypnosis or just a victim of a serious office that lead to a delusional world as a means of escape, but the fantasy played itself out.


Hopefully compensation will at least put me on equal grounds with someone in my station of life and I might be able to have a fulfilling life with a woman for my remaining years.  I just want to be reimbursed for the damages in my life cause by the incident in the military while under their watch, no more not less.  I realize they cannot give me my life back, but they can make way for me to finally have one


Message of the Day


Mercury, planet of the mind, turns direct on your birthday, which suggests that the pieces of an intellectual jigsaw puzzle are about to fall into place. What caused you so much anxiety before will now delight you, because at last you understand it.

Times may be tough financially but your prospects are good and will get even better this week as values planet Venus makes a positive angle to luck planet Jupiter. You may not have as much as some people but what you do have you know how to enjoy.

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