Janet said too much time on computer is unhealthy

JanetJanet said too much time on computer is unhealthy


I responded by saying basically it is currently my best friend, it is not the computer I dig but who and what it links me to.  When I got the message I went back to bed.  I run two computers one is strictly for recording studio purposes; I go online only for program updates on that one.  The other is for the internet to do things such as blog.  It is linked to a printer and scanner and I do word processing and run several programs on it non music associated.  I do not consider myself a computer geek, but I accept that I am wired to the machines to make music and as a main source of communications to the outside world.  I am not really a phone person or a television person; I even get my news over the Internet and radio.


I have to admit I listen to the radio and get plugged into the computer on a daily basis and there are few boring moments.  The only missing link is my Air Conditioner is still inoperable, once that is replaced I will be as happy as a new born puppy, but until then I get stress on occasion.


The Message of the Day



Love and luck will combine to make the year ahead of you one to remember for all the right reasons. Your feelings for one particular person will deepen and make your days a delight. As for your nights, they will be filled with more than just dreams!

Your generosity will know no bounds today. You will give those you love everything they desire, everything they ask for, and then you will give some more.

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