HR 848 & S. 379 are Bills & no Royalty Act yet

JanetHR 848 & S. 379 are Bills & no Royalty Act yet


Performance Royalties:


The United States Congress will yet again reflect on the issue of Royalty Payments to the performing artists by American Radio stations.


Reps. Gene Green (D. Texas), Mike Conaway (R. Texas) and 110 co-sponsors have presented a declaration in support of “Local Radio Freedom “ in opposition of what they consider a new performance fee in the name of royalties levied against radio stations in America. 


Correspondently the supporters of the performance royalty have re-introduced new legislation such as  S. 379 sponsored by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D. Vt.) and HR. 848, sponsored by Rep John Conyers (D. Mich.).


The House and Senate versions are basically the same, but controlled by Democrats as the opposition is by Republicans.  A similar bill was passed by the Judiciary Committees in both chambers last session a hearing was held already which is an indication of an agreement is forthcoming within the committee to  grant a performance royalty on American Radio, yet it is still a matter of debate.  The question is not whether or not artist deserves to get paid for their performance as do writers and producers, but where does the money come from.  I think blank CD’s and DVD’s should be taxed to supplement this bill against radio station, they should no carry the burden alone.


Immediate action is anticipated by both the House and Senate however the speculation is that the final bill will not become an Act prior to the end of the current session. 


It was reported on 98.7 Kiss FM by Michael Baisden that the bill was blocked, that may not be actually factual.  But I agree that radio should not carry this burden alone, but it is a Democrat sponsored bill in a Democrat House and Senate and will probably in one form or another be passed.  Let us hope it does not destroy radio as we know it.  But such an Act would totally revive the careers of artist with long histories of performances like Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston who receive heavy radio airplay and has a history with a catalog that goes back over 20 years.


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