Time to think about Paul and not Janet Jackson

Cubase 5Time to think about Paul and not Janet Jackson


Yesterday at the VA was very disturbing; they bought back bad memories and all and all nothing make sense anymore.  I am fighting a losing war because I am handicapped.  I am thinking about taking down all my web sites and putting the focus on something different, because I really think the whole thing is all lies and my intelligence is being played upon.


Janet told me something very personal last night that I will leave to her to make public, but it was to no surprise.  It is like weight is being lifted off of my shoulders and stress removed.


I think I am going to upgrade to Cubase 5 from Cubase Studio 4 today, as a result of what she said; I will make my order today, it will give me more functionality and make it easier to work with other people.  It is time to make that serious project and take the focus off of Janet and put it on Paul.  All I can say is you live once, how long is still a question, but fighting uphill battles is not worth the time or effort, it is not good for the soul, some things simply are not meant to be and others are, so I have to do what comes easy to me.  What you call a second thought, I call taking back control over my life, because I am full of regrets now, can you imagine the monster I would be 10 years down the line if I do not do me now?


Message of the Day


You may be having second thoughts about a plan of some kind but there is too much momentum behind it to stop it now. All you can do is trust that your instincts were correct (they were) and that you’ve got what it takes to see it through to the end (you have).


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  1. I take advice from God and I suggest you do the same, maybe then ur messed up life and career can be successful once again. God is trustworthy, Id move on from Janet because she isnt. Never let anyone try to control your dreams or reasons for doing what you are. They are not God so tell them to eat humble pie. Janet doesnt know the Truth and is not God. She has a rep for being a sex obsessed liar, who would want to be her friend?? Even if she was born again she would still have to prove herself trustworthy. And THAT is what Id call an uphill climb for her. We all have mountains to climb especially when you have been KNOCKED off the top of it, like Janet. Climb yours well and dont do it for yourself (that would make u SELFISH) do it for others! Like how JESUS lived His Life.

    Be careful where u get your advice from, Janet or people around her are not known for their wisdom but lack there of it. I.E the superbowl.

    My mother has more wisdom in her pinky than she has in her entire body, even when fat.

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  3. […] Time to think about Paul and not Janet Jackson […]

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