Things to do at home and work

Janet Things to do at home and work


This will be short and sweet, I do not know where Jam and Lewis is with technology these days, but I have a few tips for Janet Jackson, I admit I know more than I can do and I have learned a lot things in the  past few months.  However, I am saddened by the fact that during my most vulnerable moments they tried to stick the dagger in me, I have to wonder if they want me dead or do not take my emotional pain serious,  Anyway:


I have everything I need to do my secret project, it will take few months, but I disagree with the no show with AllGood Entertainment, it was a great opportunity to exploit the new material in 2010 and save on music videos expenses, I want it back on, “your word is your bond.”  All I want is one of two things other than what was mentioned, either Janet takes Jermaine Dupri out of her vocabulary completely or look me in the face and tell me different than what I have been saying all along.  Because I know the one thing Janet cannot do is look me in the face and deny me and she knows it.  This can be done anytime at any place, but do not commercialize me I am not a media whore.  This is the one power I did not give Janet, twhich is to deny me face to face.


The Message of the Day


Misunderstandings of one sort or another are likely today, so make sure you spell out in plain and simple language what it is you expect of other people both at home and at work. And, if they do get it wrong, don’t make matters worse by getting angry. Stay calm.


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