This is bigger than Janet now perhaps the SS or the CIA

The Old Crew GambinoThis is bigger than Janet now perhaps the SS or the CIA


Nothing changed except that what I have been doing I will do for myself now.  My schedule is not a grueling because it is a pastime now and has no deadline.  I have a few good songs already they are on my hard drive and I let a few friends hear them and I was they liked them.  So far most of my work has been rush jobs and can be performed much better.  When I wrote them I wrote them with intentions of other people record them into masters, but instead of being honest I was told my songs were never received even the ones I sent with delivery conformation.   I had no idea Janet was such a dishonest liar.  I mean there is this one parable I mentioned 3 or 4 times and still has not resonated.  I will not say much I will let others speak for me, I have to share this comment and article via hyperlinks they are must reads.  By the SS is the Secret Service whom protects her.  This is conspiracy shit!


Internet love affair turns fatal




In Control-Like Janet-a true story-is a highly erotic, fast paced, gripping tale of an Internet love story turned fatal attraction relationship between megastar Janet and a fan. This mentally intriguing, suspense-filled, sensual tale of cyber-terror and literary’s first Internet fatal attraction story of lust, pride, greed, sloth, hate, wrath and envy in its most rarest form. The tumultuous affair between Janet and the fan was cultivated and destroyed by way of various forms of technology under her control-and literal claim to fame. She proved that she was able to gain not only the friendship of, but the trust of, then love of this fan-turned-lover who she set out to torment from afar as a result of both her relationships (old and new) gone sour for reasons far beyond her control.

This novel will surely take you on many mental and emotional roller coasters that you have never experienced. It will make you sad, make you glad, make you laugh and even make you mad-but most of all it will make you think.

Not only is In Control-Like Janet a story about a volatile but sensuously erotic and tumultuous relationship gone sour; it also delves into the intricacies of how easy it is for the right person with the right resources to watch, control and destroy all that we do by way of the Information Superhighway.


Time to think about Paul and not Janet Jackson

  1. Comment by: Warrior-Princess: I take advice from God and I suggest you do the same, maybe then your messed up life and career can be successful once again. God is trustworthy, Id move on from Janet because she isn’t. Never let anyone try to control your dreams or reasons for doing what you are. They are not God so tell them to eat humble pie. Janet doesn’t know the Truth and is not God. She has a rep for being a sex obsessed liar, who would want to be her friend?? Even if she was born again she would still have to prove herself trustworthy. And THAT is what Id calls an uphill climb for her. We all have mountains to climb especially when you have been KNOCKED off the top of it, like Janet. Climb yours well and don’t do it for yourself (that would make u SELFISH) do it for others! Like how JESUS lived His Life.

Be careful where u get your advice from, Janet or people around her are not known for their wisdom but lack there of it. I.E the super bowl.

My mother has more wisdom in her pinky than she has in her entire body, even when fat.

 Message of the Day


This is not the best time to tie you down to new commitments, especially those that other people are trying to impose on you and which clearly benefit them more than they do you. If you learn nothing else this week learn to say “no” – and say it often.

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