AIDS Prevention, Birth Control & Underutilized Fame

President Obama Official PortraitAIDS Prevention, Birth Control & Underutilized Fame


I predicted that the cure to AIDS would result in a sexual revolution, but the pharmaceutical companies have taken that into consideration well ahead of time.  AIDS is biological warfare with the intended result to reduce the population of a chosen community of people, you check the statistics and you will know exactly who they are, as long as you understand there is always unintended damage.


What is America’s history of famous people?  Are they the voices for Americans?  What are the expectations we hold on celebrities?  We see them live large or should I say extravagantly and we see the waste as a symbol of power and not weakness.  We hear about contract riders by singers demanding stupidity and think he is a bad man in a good way, when all the time the promoter is hoodwinking the performing in givebacks.  Yet we see power!


Now ask yourself is it power to be silent about important things?  Or is it a sign of a house Negro to play along with the master plotter.  Today’s exciting news is the new ring that can be inserted in a woman to not only prevent AIDS but as a birth control method first.  In other words we will stop killing off black women if they stop having so many damn babies.  Not one person asks can you stop the spread of AIDS now and not 5 years from now, without the condition of birth control.  I mean we are in a state of emergency and we have to wait 5 years for AIDS prevention while the birth control method is tested?  As birth control is justified due to the new economic conditions?


Is it the same old thing, we give black folks voices as long as they talk loud and say nothing, such as I wrote a book but I do not read (Kenye West); Is she pregnant is she not (Janet) Legalize same sex marriages (Black Radio Personality MB on KISS), but no one brings it to the forefront that if you remotely have the possible solution to cease the spread of AIDS how can the FDA not push this through, or is it what it is being promoted as being which is a less evasive form of population control to replace AIDS. Alicia I am calling on you; the question has to be posed all the way to the White House.  President Obama what is the deal?


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