From Loyal Fan to act Dumb

PaulFrom Loyal Fan to act Dumb


This is worst than racism, I had a friend that told me I was conceited because I could knock a ball over the fence and hit a home run when playing baseball, he became a good friend not because he told me to strike out but because he realized he had a talent also, he could draw pictures, he was a natural born artist.


Everyone has a role and what my role should be I should be based on my character, I did not ask anyone to be less than what they could be, but on the contrary to try to build on what they have to become a better person.


If my only downfall is to the ability to learn; or you say be humble which I think I am or should I play dumb to satisfy another’s lacking in something?  Really are you saying is to be fake?  Janet said she wanted a loyal fan and I took the word love out of my letters to her and place FPJ&G the loyal fan, which is the greatest act of all, what’s next?  Act dumb? Is that the message of the day?  What tattoo her nude photo on my forehead so I can see her every time I brush my teeth or look into the mirror?


The domino effect is a chain reaction that occurs when a small changes causes a similar change nearby, which then will cause another similar change, and so on in unimaginative series of events to “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” (This is known as Murphy’s Law).  That is another story, however!



Message of the Day


It’s hard to be humble when you are clearly head and shoulders above others intellectually but you need to tone down your act a bit over the next 12 months. How can others work with you when they are so intimidated by your big brain?

The more a certain individual praises you to the skies the more wary you should be. You can tell that they don’t really mean it. You can tell that it’s all rather fake. Thank them for their kind words – but don’t lower your guard.


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