A Family in Chaos

PaulA Family in Chaos


Too much is going on now for me to zero in on this hazy statement; I have a cousin who just terminated in California and they do not plan to bring her body to Florida, I have an uncle who needs a kidney removed while water is around his lungs, the prognosis is bad, he is almost 80 years old.  There is dramas building up among family members, my personal relations are on the rocky road with Janet and life goes on regardless.


I need to find out my vacation of leave options, I might be headed to Florida soon; my uncle’s situation really looks bad his heart stopped while on kidney dialysis and he was revived, I am told a machine is keeping his heart operational, so what side of the story are you talking about.


I am handling this entire situation well as I am waiting and watching and letting everything fall into its place.  ALL and all I am not a very popular person.  I realize I have enemies in high places and I know I have to endure all the things that are taking place now.  Understand to the best of my knowledge I have nothing to gain from my uncle’s death, but I lose a good friend and gain a bunch of new responsibilities, as he left it all to my sister and the responsibilities to me, as I am said to have a power of attorney I know nothing about.  I think he should come to New York City to one of these kidney specialists.


The Message of the Day


A friend or family member is telling you only part of a story. Make it your business to get the other side of the story from the relevant source. Only when you’ve heard both parts can you make an honest decision.

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