The Word in the Hollywood Gossip media is!

PaulThe Word in the Hollywood Gossip media is!


In Touch Weekly in an exclusive report, claims Usher Raymond and his wife Tameka Foster are getting divorced and that Usher filed for the divorce on Thursday after living apart for about one year.


According to Stockholm Jazz Festival organizers in hip-hop and R&B singer Lauryn Hill has cancelled all tour date in Europe this summer due to health reasons.  This includes shows in Sweden, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and Austria.

Michael Jackson is facing yet another lawsuit for $20 Million by allGood Entertainment for refusing to join his siblings in one night performance in Texas.  It will be difficult to prove $20 in damages even if Patrick Allocco has a case, being he offered Michael them about $5 Million to perform which is a pretty large profit margin.

Janet Jackson is still working on her new album, due for release in the spring of 2010; I wish her all the luck in the world she can use a break in her slumping career, she has also been offered movie roles.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are allegedly a couple in a love triangle, but I guess it is all good and is just a matter of paperwork or an excuse for Alicia to not be committed to anyone.  You know being the other woman and all.

Finally, Kenye West and Amber Rose are rumored to have split up, “They are no longer a couple” says the spokesman of Kenye to the New York Post.  Kenye who just made 33 years old recently has allegedly been a relationship with Amber since February 2009 after being seen with her in several occasions, as it was reported by




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