A Janet Rollercoaster is Understandable

Janet "DJ" JacksonA Janet Rollercoaster is Understandable


Until we truly unite it is going to be this way.  Janet loves her attention even if it is long distance, and when things start to fly smoothly I often become complacent in that I become unworried and content and try to but my focus on other things that are important.  It is not neglect it is that I try to accomplish goals in the agenda and I know I will do it again but not intentionally, it is just a matter of habit.


I am not easily provoked, but she can get to my guts and she knows it and does this when I focus in another direction.  I do no feel it should be necessary to be in honeymoon status until the honeymoon.  Like you are telling me I am wired to the coming events, how am I going to take advantage and be an opportunist if I have to keep all the focus on her?  Why cannot I be made to feel confident and secure without the power of my character, but as a byproduct of her behavior.  Like I said in a new song, “I do not need your love, but can use your love, what I demand is some respect.”  The clash is that she demands attention, but maybe this is part Hollywood mentality and we can all grow, and then again maybe I need to be more in tune with her needs.  But even when I do not focus on her I do anyway.


I have some work that has to be done today on the studio, so I will be busy again tonight as I was last night.  Bear with me!



Message of the Day


You will be sensitive to changes in your environment over the coming year, to the extent that you seem to know what is going to happen ahead of everyone else. Don’t waste this ability — use it to make your dream come true.

You will get the chance this weekend to make peace with someone who you have not been on good terms with for quite some time. Forget about who was right and who was wrong – don’t let the past come between you again.

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