HR 848 should be modified

Sony MP-3-4 PlayerHR 848 should be modified


According to a government web site HR 848 would take in an annual amount of $500 Million, therefore we have a $500 Million issue at hand.  According to research done by CNET News in 2005 about 11% of the US population owned an I-Pod or MP-3 player weighing in at about 22 million adults.  It has to be double that by 2009 end.


Now they are very cheap to buy, you can get an 8 GB Sony Walkman MP-3/MP-4 Player at J&R Computer World today for $99.99.  It will play both audio and video here is the hyperlink Sony NWZ-E438FBLK 8GB Walkman®.  This digital device will hold a complete album using only 60 MB, therefore it can hold over 120 albums and we wonder why record sales are down.


There is a simple solution for the recoup by record companies that does not require more taxes on Americans directly.  We can simply add a tariff on MP-3 and i-Pods imports at $1 per GB of storage space, therefore the $99.99 8 GB MP-3 player would cost $110, which is chump change to the consumer. That alone would bring in over $500 Million per year.


We can spread the playing field by allowing the royalties to be shared by artist as well as we share the income for the storage space taxes on digital media players.  My solution is not to create a new bowl but to split the old bowl contrary to HR 848 and create a new bowl in taxiing storage space on digital media devices


What you think?


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