Screenplay Casting & Family Business

MJJScreenplay Casting & Family Business


My nephew said something to me that resonated; he said never do business with family and friends, but I happen to disagree.  His rational was if they get upset they will halt your project if they can out of emotions.  I found that I was doing exactly that, for personal reasons, I decided to stop feeding the Janet’s crew with music, song and ideas, instead I have to see it through and see where the chips fall at the end.  I have to separate family relations and business.


Not to say I am not working on my own project, but I know my material is very controversial and provocative, and that is the intentions and I am not sure if Janet can get away with singing some on my lyrics, but almost always the music is very good or better that that, I can turn a beat and if you listen to music today the vocals are cool but the lyrics are senseless and the music sucks, so we will see, where this goes.


I put out screenplays to be looked over and have not received any responses, this is how I want it done in any case, and without given the screen away I will say this.


The screenplay Casting Wish List:


Executive Producer Michael Jackson & Denzel Washington

Director: Denzel Washington – A $20 to $30 Million + Budget plus a percentage of the take to the performers if successful.  My casting selections are for consistency of the screenplay, there is rhyme to the reasons.


Sister Peace – Janet Jackson

Aisha – Alicia Keys

Sharon – Beyonce

Maria – a Dark Puerto Rican or half Puerto Rican Actress from New York City

Momma – Vanessa Williams


Dirty Old Man – Martin Lawrence – This will make it funny and easy for Beyonce


Rayvon – Anthony Williams

Jake – Actor for Down South chosen by Denzel

Marlon – West Indian Actor

Rev. Dr. Love – Dr. Bob Lee of WBLS

Shotgun – Tito Jackson

Big Ray – Jackie Jackson


Secret Agent – John A. Gotti Jr.

Special Agent – Ice T

Asst. Director Secret Service – Jermaine Jackson


All other extras and Cameos by local residents of Avon Park



Message of the Day


Something you did for a friend or relative or work colleague a few months ago will be repaid in full over the next few days. Your critics may say you don’t deserve what you gain but that’s jealousy talking. Ignore them.




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