There is enough for everyone involved

Paul There is enough for everyone involved


I have been at this since childhood, first for the Gambino Family then since I was 17 years old the Government, I sacrificed all my worldly possession in the process, so do not tell me about being in a rush, everybody has theirs but me.  You remember back in the day when we had television commercials about gadgets sold at discount stores like Woolworth and Genovese who you think invented that shit half the time and I started with a loaf of bread so to speak.  I forfeited a life time and if stem cells do not work out it was all for nothing concerning me and just possessions to give away, a selfless and foolish sacrifice.


As far as I am concerned we can make all of Gambino Corporations and Companies subsidiaries of existing corporations, for example Gambino Pharmaceuticals can be a subsidiary of Pfizer, so when their old drugs become obsolete because of cures they can continue to profit and Gambino Records can go to Warner Records and so on, then the Six Families to include the Jones Family AKA the Gallo Family can split the profits.  Janet and her family was been given the world if they and the children of John Gotti squandered their money it can be replaced, but in Janet’s case I am not going to cosign payoffs to maintain lies.


I want to move my people to Highlands County, I want to build up the Heartland in Central Florida and it has plenty of Water in the Okeechobee Lake to support life.  There are plenty of wooded areas and natural resources to use to build a small city.  I think with the money for infrastructure in the United States I cannot understand how the waterways Act was not included in the President’s plans, it is not pork it is a necessity to control rapid whether condition changes such as floods and droughts, we have to circulate the water through manmade channels.         


The Message of the Day


Take care that in your haste to get ahead in the world you don’t make an enemy of someone whose support you will need. One way to make sure that never happens is to bring them into your plans — and share the profits.

You know that you are no longer in control of a particular situation but you are determined not to let others know too. Why? No one expects you to be on top of everything that’s going on, so why expect it of yourself?



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