Hollywood when it is not funny anymore

Hollywood SignHollywood when it is not funny anymore

Since I fell for Janet I lost most of my friends and almost lost my family as well, everyone was trying to diagnoses me instead of letting me be me.  I mean all my siblings seemed to have engaged in dysfunctional relations time after time, but had time to judge my decision,  I do not know if that means they think I am better than them or worst, but certainly not the same.  My friends also judged the same as they were all over the city, state a country in bad situations, but they had time to focus on my decision.  As AIDS created an asexual revolution the cure will bring about a sexual revolution, we are a generation of revolutionist that said, it has little to do with my point.


I wasted a lot of my life on the streets hanging out, as I was alone, I honestly have no idea how many women I been with, but I like Alicia found ways to avoid commitment, hell find someone who has someone already and that is the difference between me a and Janet.  Janet stayed in someone’s arms as a show piece, I did the creep and grew tired of this, it became meaningless in the absence of love and then I woke up crazy loving Janet and it has been that way for some time now, and I do not know yet if it will end in regret.

My Uncle Billy had an infected kidney removed it was full of puss and was poisoning his system instead of filtering it, so he is on kidney dialysis while a kidney is doing the opposite of the intended treatment, hopefully he will not need it as much now.  I would like to go down there and see him, I should.

I am the type of person who can not see you for 10 years and the conversation will continue where we left off last time, If I had relationship with you, I realize people change but do they really?  I mean we learn from experiences and change because the first law of nature is self preservation, some of us who are fools become wise and better people, some of us grow sick and humble  and there are those who make 180 degree turns, but do we change or do we change our character?  Are these the same?  I mean do we go to college to get a job or to become better rounded?

Before I wrote the screenplay “Everybody has Demons,” I created the characters first and then I created situations that the characters had to endure as the screen evolved a person’s character changed because of experiences, but the change in character had to take place for the person to do something out of the original character.  So by the innermost nature of our character we are judged, but are that that we are?  People look at how a personality acts, but suppose acting is your profession?  I realize even in Hollywood there are human beings playing roles and sometimes they get it twisted and actually believe their fantasy they sell to us.  You read enough scripts to the point they influence your actual being, and then does that make you another person’s imaginary plan?  Yes if you play it out!  Then the joke is on you.

Message of the Day

You will have plenty to say for yourself over the coming 12 months and some of your words will cause quite a stir. That’s good. The world needs people who are not afraid to speak up. The world needs people like you.

Friends or family? Who do you give the most attention to? Only you can decide but remember this: friends often change over time but family always remains the same. Of course, if you’re smart you’ll find time for both.


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  1. Something is just not right.

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    Hollywood when it is not funny anymore | Frank Paul Gambino

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