Electronics and Entertainment regulations needed

President Obama Official PortraitElectronics and Entertainment regulations needed


I think President Obama has to it is imperative that he organizes a panel of experts in Law and Technology and resolve the differences that if not addressed will destroy the American way.  We are still the leaders of the entertainment world, but left unaddressed this too can become history.  Why?  First of all, let it be said that HR 848 is just an idea and not the solution to the slumping recording industry. It only duly recognizes that the recording industry is in fact in trouble and can go under.


As the music industry and entertainment industry has crept and crawled still meeting the standards of the old ways of doing business while the electronics industry has moved forward in leaps and bounds.  We have a caveman entertainment regulated industry going up against a supercomputer and mankind is losing out to machine, when the intended purpose of machines was to assist and not replace man.


There is not much that the average consumer cannot do with the home Personal Computer.  As we are worried about North Korea and nuclear missiles we should be worried about the little computer wiz kid, with his hand on the right processor, memory, and storage space and internet access flying unmanned planes over populated cities.  That said!


Entertainment has to quickly catch up to the electronics industry, from levying blank CD’s as done in other countries like Canada to support the record industry to removing MP-3 Players from the category of computer peripherals, to taxing each GB of storage space on digital devices like MP-3 Players, I-Pods and even digital phones, because the amount of storage space on these devices have become too cheap and are manufactured at unnecessary capacities.


Even things like what is celebrity status has to be addresses, even a horse can retire.  As I realize there is a difference between popular and famous, the paparazzi are not held up to any standards in their exploitation.  I mean is a celebrity a name and institution or personality or do all unfairly applied?  My argument is that a celebrity is an institution with a name and not a real character but is a public image.  I just think that after so many years of fame due to celebrity status fame may no longer mean popular and the real individual should be able to opt out and regain their private lives as untouchable celebrity status.  The whole system is jacked up!


I mean people like Michael and Janet Jackson, Prince, even Paul McCarthy and Mick Jagger just cannot refrain from entertainment because the cost of their status is too high.


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