Janet a Celebrity is a mere disguise for public ridicule

Janet in Royal ColorsJanet a Celebrity is a mere disguise for public ridicule


Do you think when people are gossiping about you it is a blessing?  If so why do you want me to focus on me and not you?  Or is it that you want to create an image and want people to buy in on it and let it fly.  A celebrity has no private life you are a mere public object for ridicule.  Like the old cliché be careful about what you ask for.  I noticed the voice changed in the message of the day and it sounds like Janet or one of her perpetrators and all I can say is I do not know what is not told to me in honesty and I guess because it is none of my business it is always lies. 


The Message of the Day


You may think you know what is going on in somebody else’s private life but you don’t know the half of it — nor is it any of your business. Focus on your own affairs today, or others may soon be gossiping about you.

Article Continued


A celebrity has no private life you are fair game and it is more fun to talk about one than to be one, I guess as they say the “Chickens are coming home to roost,”  Meaning bad or silly things from the past are now causing problems.”  It is like someone built you an image that you now believe and the image has become useless and you do not know how to start something anew.  But now that I joined the shit talking media, it is suggested I focus on me in public.  Why don’t you tell that shit to Media Take Out or Hilton Perez, they have bigger voices, but they play along with your crap, is that it?


You think what people say and think about you makes the person, of course not it creates a public disguise and that is what a celebrity is a person in disguise in order to sell something, but what I have given I have given for free all along, so give me a better reason to put on  a mask.  When I write I write about the disguise I write about the mask and it is not my fault it is not what it was at one time.  Maybe it is the private life that needs exposure, because what is being sold is not about anything anymore.  Ms. Janet Jackson? If you no longer like the pot change the ingredients!  Because you have no private life, you just sneak around on the down low!

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