Screenplay into Movie & New Recording Studio

Denzel WashingtonScreenplay into Movie & New Recording Studio


I have been getting excellent reviews about the screenplay “Everybody Has Demons.”  I have been told such words as awesome and thumb’s up.  My sister Egeria is going to take over from here as far as seeking financers she has a good network.  Any changes or additions to the screenplay have to be approved by me.  I still think Denzel Washington is the best Director in the world and any actor or actress under him will be at their best, because I believe he will bring the best out of them.  Janet and Alicia are written in stone for their parts I wrote it for them and Beyonce and Anthony I really want to give Anthony a break and Beyonce though it was written with her in mind, I think she may still have to be sold to the idea, also John Gotti Junior is in and I plan for him to play his father in the Apostle and honestly the best person to play me in the Apostle would be Will Smith.  First let us get “Everybody has Demons,” off the ground.


We planned to put up another home studio soon, it will be for recording vocals to musical tracks, then maybe later I will consider making it into a full production studio.  It will however have limited music creation capability but my focus is on doing vocal tracks on this one.  Hopefully we will have this done next month.  I want to work with my nephew’s crew the Underground Movement as well as other talented people of my choosing



Message of the Day

You have a talent for communication and if you use it wisely over the coming 12 months it will take you far. Remember though that it’s not enough just to say something — what you say must be felt in the heart.

Others may be worried about their jobs and their incomes but you have faith in the essential goodness of the universe. Never forget that it’s your mind that creates your world. Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes — always.

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