Does complaining make a difference?

Frank Paul Gambino 004Does complaining make a difference?

Actions speak louder than words, a man told me something; he said complaining helps and sometimes it does not make a difference.  In this case it does not make a difference; it is just on going bullshit.

Message of the Day

You are well aware that you have kept your emotions in check longer than is good for you, and now you will go to the other extreme and make sure everyone knows how you feel. Scream and shout if it makes you feel better.


It has been a good weekend; we managed to put up partially and purchase another home studio to support my nephew’s Underground Crew.  I took this a level higher than intended; they can produce music on the computer and vocal tracks and vocal track on the 24 track studio workstation.  Now is the learning experience, they have to learn these hardware and software applications.  I think they will do well.  I do not have a lot to say today.


I mean Janet is going to do Janet regardless and at the moment I am in a state of relaxation, I have not slept so well in a while.  I realized something last night about grown people specifically mature women and what they want; the question is; am I welling to give this to someone new or other than Janet.  I know I can but do I want to be is the real question.  Contrary to popular belief black women want committed relationships more than anything.  What they are willing to give for it is the question as well as what are men willing to give.  Most people are not into sex as recreational activities in mature adulthood and for most women it is not their dream to carry a child and do the running around and the problem is I do not baby sit I am trying to make moves and not be a male nanny.  If you ask the right questions the answers will amaze you!

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