Things are starting to take shape

Frank Paul GambinoThings are starting to take shape


A lot of little things are in the workings, I do not want to elaborate too much, but we have a few home studios up and one to get up and running, they all can produce radio friendly productions and most certainly quality demonstration productions.  I think it is a good thing, because this last studio will help channel energy of the Underground Network into doing good things and giving them a chance to pursue their dreams in music.  I think everyone deserves a second chance.


The Message of the Day


One of the best times of the year begins for you with today’s new moon in Cancer, so make your plans big and believe – really, really believe – that you will accomplish great things. There is nothing you cannot do.


I have so many ideas circling around in my head on how to make this happen, as I have people I want to work with also, like this guy from my job can really sing.  The main point of connection and collaboration will be on my sister’s studio, which are two separate components and recording studio 24 tracks and a music production system configured into a computer, unlike mine’s I have everything configured into a super PC. 


There was rhythm to my reasoning, a recording studio workstation requires less maintenance and I know my time is limited, hell I prefer to make beats for them; me and my nephew Raymond combined have a few hundred beats already  but I do not want anything to cause the studio to be down and a workstation properly used will require very little maintenance.  If all they need is a beat to work with we can supply that for 25% of the writer’s royalties.


On the screenplay front, as for the Apostle, there has to be two people to play me as I was young at the beginning.  I think a good opener for Will Smith would be my nephew Anthony Williams; they have the same color eyes, unfortunately mine’s are a little darker but brown as well with a black circle around them.  The movie “Everybody has Demons” with Janet, Alicia and Beyonce would be a great setup for John Gotti Jr. and Anthony Williams in the Apostle.  However the actual other leading role is my Stepfather Frank in the “Apostle.”  I think the “Apostle” will cost much more than “Everybody has Demons” to produce, because it takes you all over the Country and World  and covers about 25 or 30 years of adventures and dramas. 



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