Chris Brown pleas Guilty & More

Chris Brown in CourtChris Brown pleas Guilty & More


Chris Brown plea bargains to a felony and get no jail time, but was put on 5 years probation, 6 months of community service and must stay 50 yards away from Rihanna while on probation except at industry events whereby the distance will be reduced to 10 yards.  He has to spend 6 months in his hometown Virginia I guess to do his community service.


I think Chris Brown is very talented, not to take anything from Rihanna and he should really focus on staying out of trouble, because it is so easy to violate probations and end up doing time.  If I was his management considering the state of the music industry and economy I would get him into a couple of movies so he can eat, and make a couple of albums on the down low and wait until this blows over in about 4 or 5 years and explode in a big way, because from here on will be bad publicity every time they are in the same place, so why bother.  That said!


I am going to be honest half of my problem was my air conditioner was out of order that it was finally replaced and I sleep good not in a cooler apartment, not to say things said need not have been said, put often I am passive aggressive instead of assertive, then on occasions I am assertive, in the case of the recent past I was passive aggressive, because I over heated and called myself being humble suffering in silence until I could not handle anymore and that was the case with Janet also for a lot of years.  But I know I am n being held down and regulated because you think I will become very aggressive towards people I found offensive to me.  But it is always better to be assertive even if it means hurting someone’s feeling on occasion as Chris Brown duly proved in his aggressive act.


To be honest I am tired of this tit for tat bullshit with the so-called movers and shakers.  I am made to look like a fool and am getting nowhere fast.


Finally, I think we put together a really nice studio for my nephew and his crew; they just have to schedule studio time into their lives and go to work.  We have some setting up to do, but I think they have all the essential components to do quality work


Message of the Day


A Sun-Pluto opposition on your birthday means you will be at odds on a regular basis with people in positions of power. But that’s okay. You need to be tested as you will soon be in a position of power yourself.

Try not to spread yourself too thin today. You may think you can do it all but your body and your brain will regret it if you push yourself too hard. Focus only on what needs to be done — leave the rest for another day.

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