Can Chris Brown come out of this like a Rose? How!

PD*29649672Can Chris Brown come out of this like a Rose?  How!


Chris Brown Should Plead Mental Disorder? A must read to understand the rhyme and reason o the scheme of things.


Once these requirements are successfully addressed and a diagnosis is made and for this article purposes I will say he is diagnosed as Bipolar, however I am not a psychiatrist or lawyer and cannot diagnose Chris or give him legal advice.  However from a business standpoint I can address the issue at hand.


Like a Rose:


Chris Brown is diagnosed as Bipolar Disorder; he has a history of emotional problems that is known; this was not just an episode.  This was a part of a character defeat according to his own mother, who thinks he is mentally ill.  True or not true he remembers his mother being physically abused.


His lawyer has to find a case to set precedent in his case that due to his mental condition the event is mitigated by the circumstance of his mental disorder.  Now he will have a wallet and some money still in it.


Next we have to address the endorsements he lost due to the event mitigated due to his mental disorder.  To do this his lawyer has to apply the Americans Disability Act of 1990, as Amended.  The question of law is:  Can they discriminate due to a disability and can he be stigmatized as a result of a mental disorder.


Finally, Chris Brown after therapy and with a new attitude can for example endorse ABILIFY by Bristol Myers Squibb, a medication for Bipolar Disorder.  Chris Brown can become what Magic Johnson is in HIV medications to the Mental Health pharmaceutical industry.  Kids with problems will no longer be ashamed of medications because Chris Brown takes them.  And an unfortunate and sad incident can ultimately save lives and help get our kids off of street drugs.

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