Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

Janet # 23Everyone Deserves a Second Chance


First all, I just want to say big ups to SUS or Service for the Underserved, a non profit organization that does excellent work helping people with special needs, with housing and other things connected to offering people who are underserved in society have a better balanced life.  As the CEO and Chief of Staff (I say no names) put it, they know how to celebrate life, which caught me off guard and by surprise.  They held a wonderful event yesterday.  I mean it was a party mid-day afternoon!  That said.


I hope Janet takes my advice and adds 4 bonus tracks to her new album in SACD format and gets sponsorship from Sony/Phillips Electronics to produce this more complex format and being it was my idea at least two of the songs should be mine’s.  I do not think that is asking too much?


Like I said everyone deserves a second change and even a third and 7 times 7 if necessary, one of the things about SUS is we do not give up on a person easily and that mentality I plan to take with me into the music and entertainment thing, with the attitude to apply it to the most important person, myself.  It has been an uphill travel and battles, as I receive so many bullshit promises being pulled by a string I refuse to give up, though I may tire at times.


I plan to work with talented people that most people would try to abuse in the industry and I need my name put up on bright lights to grandfather them into the game, that is what I am doing now, I am building a new home studio and trying to network with already established production studios within family and friends.  As for not trusting anyone that is just too damn hard, I do not have the time to micromanage everyone they have to be a level of autonomy.  It is my goal to organize something self sustaining


The Message of the Day:


Negative thinking of any sort is a no-no. Focus your attention on the good things in the world — there are still plenty of them — and refuse to give in to gloom and doom. The world you inhabit is the one you create.

The Sun in Cancer may be a protective influence but that does not mean you can let down your guard to such an extent that it is easy for scammers and snake oil salesmen to take advantage of you. Trust no one.


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