Is the Blessing from giving to others?

Frank Paul Gambino Is the Blessing from giving to others?


Up to now I have been a one man band, writing, composing and performing my music and songs, I have a screenplay with copyrights and another registered with the writers guild of America and now I am in the process of trying to find help as I help others.  The only expectations I have to satisfy are my own.  I worked with Janet Jackson for the last two years or year and a half vigorously and it was all games from as far back as the inception of my offering of services, so if my work got nowhere it was because I was depending on help from the wrong people, people who take and never give.  Janet has been very self seeking!


Now I am working with family and friends in my life today and not just promises and if something comes of my ideas great if not I enjoy thinking anyway, so I am doing what I like to do and that is come up with ideas and from the look of things more people should try to use them and I would get paid as a result of this.  But some people are set in there ways.


Nothing is written in stone and outcomes are yet to be settled with Chris Brown, everyone counted out Magic Johnson with HIV and he made a load of money as a result and is still kicking.  If Chris play ball he has an opportunity to get paid like he never dreamed of, can you imagine being a spokesperson and celebrity for the pharmaceutical industry, in the mental health industry?  These companies will get in line to get him to use their brand to promote their products.  We have a lot of sick kids out there sedating themselves with street drugs to not deal with emotional problems stemming from drug addicted parents to single parenthood, to abusive homes and violent communities to a age and time of war, the economic crisis and they are afraid and drug abuse is a reaction.  Chris has the power to change that through endorsements.


I need to help the right people for a change; instead of people who use my knowledge and never compensate me.  My next project may well be with the Underground Movement and it is in the process and again organizing projects is a pleasure to me, see what you fail to realize is I am doing things with my personal time that I will do for free, but I know I have value, my only problem is I help people who may not have my best interest at heart and not that I help people which is a good thing, like a young lady told me “if you do it for yourself you are selfish like them, but do it to help others.”  An open hand can receive!  I will never stop giving not all people are selfish users.


The Message of the Day


Your head may be full of wonderful ideas but what’s the point if you never do anything with them? That’s an observation rather than a criticism but deep down you know it’s time to turn inspiration into action. Aim high. Act now.

The Sun in Cancer at this time of year makes all things possible, so why are you trying to go back and change outcomes that have already occurred? Put the past out of your mind — it’s no longer of any importance.


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