Michael’s Death, I am in denial

MJJ #7Michael’s Death, I am in denial


I was reading this article, when I heard about this I thought it was just a rumor.  I am in denial; I do not want to accept this as the truth.  I am still hoping they will say it was a stupid publicity stunt or a false rumor once again.  However I have a feeling this is real, but I still hope not.


Michael lived an extravagant life style and a lot of people depended on him, most of all his three little children.  I mean how did Michael die, he was one of our super human’s, but of course he was not God, but in my book he was the King of Pop.


I was headed to my niece graduation this weekend, but I am no longer in the mood to socialize, I will stay home and rethink about a lot of things.  I know life goes on and he will be bigger than life after death, I just hope he did as he said he would do, when he said one day I will make a disappearing act.  Regardless Michael will no longer exist as we knew him, I believe the grave is Hell, but maybe he is literally in a better place.  Goodbye Michael!



The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, feels that he is close to dead and he has wanted his sister, Janet Jackson, to take care of his kids when he dies.

A source revealed: “Michael feels the end is near. He’s terrified that if he dies, his children will end up with his aging parents or his brothers. He knows Janet will give his kids a mother’s love and see that they grow up away from the showbiz spotlight.”

The source continued: “Michael is in bad shape. He has respiratory problems, heart palpitations, is losing weight rapidly and is now worried that he may have contracted the killer flesh-eating disease. He’s been visiting a Beverly Hills clinic receiving antibiotics through an intravenous drip. Michael has difficulty walking, often has to use a wheelchair and spends most of his days in bed, at the doctor’s office or in the bathroom.”

The “Thriller” singer reportedly suffered MRSA skin disease, which could eat his flesh. Jackson has been inducing antibiotics through drip and the disease has spread throughout his body, as being reported by The Sun. He might get the infection after plastic surgery on his nose.

Jackson (50) is father to 12-year-old Prince Michael and 10-year-old Paris, who were both born from his ex-wife Debbie Rowe. He also has 6-year-old Prince Michael II, who is nicknamed “Blanket”, whose mother’s name is not released by him.


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  1. RIP, Michael! I will never forget u! There is a better world!

  2. […] Michael’s Death, I am in denial Michael’s Death, I am in denial   I was reading this article, when I heard about this I thought it was just a […] […]

  3. michael has been an inspiration for me and i remember trying 2 moon walk wiv his music he was the best and still is he may be dead but he will never be gone!!!


    you have touched the whole world and has made a massive impact and a great rolemodel you will never be gone i was crying when i heard this plz dont go even though you have gone.

    And people pleas3e stop critisising him off being a purvet and leave him alone i personally think that life moves on and future on in life you will eventually die but michael this thing will not end please just give us some joy because ever since you have gone people have been sad and i have felt empty inside and the weather has been bad in the uk thunder and rain just give us a sign to let us know you are still with us

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