I would freeze Michael’s Body for a future operation

MJJ #9I would freeze Michael’s Body for a future operation



This is not the time for dishonesty or tit for tat, I actually love Janet, however everything has conditions.  I could never love a person unconditionally who does not respect me unconditionally.  Personally if I had Jackson’s money and a mustard seed of faith, I would not allow an autopsy but would freeze his body and search not for the source of the death but the source of life, I would preserve his body for an operation to take place in a later day.

I feel sick this morning, but I will go to work anyway.  Is unconditional love real can you love someone no matter how they treat you neglect and disrespect you?  It is possible but it could result in you dying of a broken heart.  The only someone you can love unconditionally is yourself, because to commit such an act you the loved has to want to be loved.  It is hard to love someone who fights love at every turn.

I do not mean to sound sarcastic but I was told that I was wrong in what I believed, so as I feel unpopular today after losing my cousin Gerri Warren and now Michael Jackson as I make all these wonderful promises of life to the world can Janet and the Jackson family point their fingers at me?  According to them I am powerless and could have not possibly had anything to do with this and I did not, people choose their own paths.  Now they have a decision to make and it is faith based.

Message of the Day


There are a lot of selfish people in the world but they are not happy people. That’s because they spend so much time grasping at money and power that they miss out on love. Put happiness first this year — love someone unconditionally.

No matter what unfounded rumors a certain individual may have been spreading you must not bear a grudge. Yes, of course, they are way out of order, but what’s the point of letting it upset you? Forgive, forget and move on.


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