Michael Jackson’s Dr. Conrad “Strange” Murray

Jesse Jackson and Joe Jackson and UnknownMichael Jackson’s Dr. Conrad “Strange” Murray


I know people thought I was paranoid when I said I believe Michael Jackson was murdered or should I say killed there is a difference.  Whereby to murder is basically intentional you can kill someone due to neglect.  I am not certain if Michael was murdered or killed by I strongly feel it was one or the other.


Now it is revealed the doctor who was the last to see Michael alive did not even meet with the family and is deeply in debt at about $400G.  Even as the police are in contact with him he is hesitant to meet with them, it sounds like he is trying to get his story right.  If I was Joe Jackson I would request he take a lie detector test if he has nothing to hide.  Thank God that Rev. Jesse Jackson has stepped into the picture; it is obvious I am not the only person that smells a fish.


If I was the Jackson Family I would not only call on an attorney to look into the last testament and will, I would call in an independent accountant to follow the money trail and a private investigation firm called Gambino Investigations to interrogate this bullshit ass doctor.  Since he did not play by the rules and comfort the family after the loss, why should he be comfortable now.


Things are moving too slow and this can result in cover-ups I sincerely smell a fish and I know in my heart it was not my friends or family, meaning there is an enemy on the loose.  The Jackson Family has to get in the proactive mode immediately.



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