Who Killed Michael Jackson

dr. conrad etterWho Killed Michael Jackson


Usually when something happens of this magnitude I have an idea as to if, what or why.  I do not remember Michael dying; I only remember not agreeing to Marlon dying.  I remember John saying one of the Jackson Brothers must die and Marlon being chosen and my disagreeing to this, he was always in my favor.  However I do not remember Michael passing away.


I realize the names I quote killed my uncle and I did agree to that, I remember that, because John was put into a do or die situation and my uncle was trying to rob me.  And until this day my living conditions are unsatisfactory and I received no settlement or offer of a settlement, so I know what the Gambino Family is capable of, but I never wanted harm to come to Michael Jackson and I want that clearly understood.


I realize everything happens for a reason and Michael made a lot of enemies and hopefully not my family or their associates were a part of that group.  I am fully convinced that Michael was whacked and by whom and for what remains the unanswered question and I plan to search and find the answer to.


See I know everyone can be gotten to and that includes Bill Gates, there is always a weakness to every link of the people who have full access to a person, be it a child in college overseas, a gambling debt and deeply held secret and Michael was not excluded from that list.


Finally Janet lied again, when will she ever stop?  She claimed to me she was in France and her parents lived in Florida and my correspondence was not being received, while all the time she was shacking up with Jermaine Dupri in Atlanta and her parents remained in Encino, CA. where my music was being sent, I will deal with her later she still is not the center of attention Michael Jackson is.  The question is who killed Michael and why.  I believe it is possible Michael was controlling and selfish with soft spoken voice, but that remains to be proven.  I mean Janet is prime example maybe she learned from the best


You are right I need to put me first, because with certain people the game never ends, however “you reap what you sow.” Shit has a way to balance it out.  And I still want my just due!


Message of the Day


Do only those things that you want to do over the coming 12 months? Others may say you should not be so stubborn but you have wasted more than enough time already trying to please other people. Now it’s all about you.

Joint endeavors are under excellent stars this weekend, so put thoughts of going it alone out of your head and be the kind of team player everyone wants on their side. For you there are no boundaries between work and play.


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  1. My heart goes out to the family of Michael Jackson especially his children. I am still in shock about his death. I believe that Michael Jackson contributed alot when it comes to the music business. He had a remarkable talent. He was the inspiration for a lot of other musicians. Michael has definitely left his mark and his music will continue to live on. I remember as a child growing up listening to his music. One of my favorite songs when he was a child was Ben. Michael has inspired millions of people through his music.

    I didn’t know him personally but I do believe that when people hit stardom things can spiral out of control. No matter what Michael stood up for what he believed in. In some of his songs he expressed so many clues it’s not funny at all. What happened to him was tragic and totally unexpected. It could have happened to anyone. It amazes me how when you are in public scrutiny there are some who seem to have no compassion. No matter what he was a person with a gift and talent that cannot be matched. Michael also did his own thing to change the music business and the crossed the boundaries which did in some sense bring about a change and unity within music. Michael said in one of his songs that :”They don’t really care about us!”. That is true and Mr. Jackson was making a bold statement that which in turn really turns out to be true.

    The saddest of all is that even though Mr. Jackson’s presence is no longer present on this earth, there are some in the media who are secretly rejoicing that he is no longer here. Some in the media have been after him. I believe he was hunted in the same sense that Princess Diana was hounded and also died unexpectedly. The media I believe is going to wear this out and continue to beat him until they are satisfied. Will there ever be a time when the media will not withold real TRUTH?

    The legacy of Michael will continue to embrace the hearts and minds of all who have enjoyed watching him grow from a child to an adult. No one is perfect!

    Thank You Michael for the gift of music that helped to inspire other artists and fans that will continue to love your talents though you have passed on.


  2. i love you michael-jackson the day i heard you died i cried i feel bad about your death!!!!! i almost did not even live becouse i wanted to meat you so bad but i didn’t and i feel teraboul becouse i did not meat you in person!!!!! i love your family alot with all my heart i wish you will still hear with us and with your family i love you i miss you alot alot so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so very very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish every one of your family heard this even you!!!!!take care so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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