Jordan Chandler Admits was not molested by MJJ in 1993

Jordan ChandlerJordan Chandler Admits was not molested by MJJ in 1993


According to the Global Grind Jordan Chandler admits he lied on Michael for his father.   They were invited into Michael’s home during hard times.  The statement goes as followers;” I never meant to lie and destroy Michael Jackson but my father made me to tell only lies. Now I can’t tell Michael how much I’m sorry and if he will forgive me”.


According to the Global Grind Jordan said; “Now for the first time I can’t bare to lie anymore. Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me, all was my father lies to escape from being poor.”


I do not know the source that received the statement yet but it is said to be an Associated Press Transcript.


They ultimately settled out of court for about $22 Million because Michael handlers at the time thought an ugly court battle could cost him more of his young fan base, but the turn of events started Michael to using pain pills which he eventually became addicted to.  And he never fully rebounded from this until death.


It is good that Michael name is being cleared, but a sad day in the light of how this destroyed Michael’s life, you can only imagine the level of embarrassment Michael experienced.


Funny thing is how people hated Michael while he was a live but now that he is dead he is receiving so much love, by the same people who found it funny to constantly ridicule him.  If Michael had a drug problem it was to mend a broken heart.


If you remember at the time Latoya was estranged and supported the claims of Jordan Chandler and switch her position in 2005, she was brainwashed by Jack Gordon her husband, Manager and Pimp.  I know she must be having stomach aches these days with the new revelations as put by Freemasons, because by 2005 the damage was done to Michael, especially if she made the rough statements only to get at Michael.  But we all learn from our mistakes.  Hopefully this death of Michael might bring the unity back to the Jackson Family the way it used to be under the iron hand of Joseph Jackson.


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  1. These chandlers need to be sued…I mean its despicable and to announce it after he died it just churns my heart…I never knew mj but im also human I know how he might have felt…id prolly kill myself rather than only turning to drugs if constantly im joked at in movies magazines radio n internet….as individuls ppl need to mature up n be not quick to say anything but think b4 they act…..but it was just his destiny….god had already planned his death….but I hope his soul was saved…….I just can imagine how his family feels

    • I completely agree with you especially as we are in the midst of witnessing history with the premiere of “THIS IS IT”. HE INSPIRED MY CRAZY THRILLER LIKE ORIGINAL VIDEO. HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY!

  2. […] : Jordan Chandler Admits was not molested by MJJ in 1993 […]

    • It’s still hard to believe, in the blink of an eye, a living legend…gone. His impact on the world will last a lifetime. You’re missed MJ!

  3. this is a lie.

    faceoff is a dickhead

  4. […] Michaels Accuser Jordan Chandler admits he lied about molestation. I know there is already a MJ thread but this is not about his death. This is about clearing a mans name that was unjustly smeared in the press. I think it is important now than ever to expose this and air it out. I loved Michael's music up until these alegations came out. Like the rest of america, the media influenced my opinion and I contributed to this great mans demise by adding to the propaganda. I would like to appologise for all the off color jokes I have ever made that added to this mans pain. These FALSE accusations are what eventually brought him to his death. I AM TRUELY SORRY MJ!! We obviously did not understand you and did not deserve the entertainment you offered us.…y-mjj-in-1993/ […]

  5. […] Jordan Chandler Admits was not molested by MJJ in 1993 Jordan Chandler Admits was not molested by MJJ in 1993   According to the Global Grind Jordan Chandler admits he lied […] […]

  6. RIP MJ!

    If you have time, check out my tribute to MJ here!

  7. A Big sorry just a little to late the hurt pain and
    suffering has already been done. But again God
    suffered for all his children in a way Michael is a godness.

  8. Jordan chandler must die too soon.

    • I swear to God I hate this family.
      I wish him a really bad dead.
      I hope he dies so painful and so incredibly early.
      I would never pray for this family
      they have taken a human life
      I hope he sees his father in hell again

      Son of a bitch! Bastard!

      R.I.P Michael Jackson.
      You´re the one KING !

      Germany miss you!
      We hope you have found the path in the sky

  9. I don’t believe the molestation accusations were true, but I also don’t believe that is a statement from Jordan Chandler.

    Jordan Chandler was born, raised, and educated in the United States, so he speaks English as well as any other natural-born US citizen. However, the statement very clearly appears to be from someone for whom English is a secondary language (i.e., “my father made me to tell only lies”, “all was my father’s lies”).

    In my opinion, the statement is a hoax.

  10. sources?

  11. There doesn’t seem to be any original source for this story. I think someone is just making it up to get people upset.

  12. Needs sourcing, the apology and the pain pills remark. On the wikipedia, the only mention of addiction is in regards to this trial, and the sources there say he subsequently went to rehab and kicked his habit.

  13. I’ve been reading a few blogs/tweets where people obviously dislike him, but straight-up have no respect for him or his family during this time. People sometimes believe going against the grain combined with social media is trendy, giving them an edge. We must be careful not to use a faceless Internet as an excuse to abandon humanism, respect and dignity.

    For my bit on Jackson’s death:

  14. […] Chandler admits that he lied about Michael for his father’s sake. Chandler says his family was invited to […]

  15. I think if it came from the AP, the grammar would have been MUCH better. This is BS.

  16. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  17. Gotta love the effort you put into this blog 🙂

  18. Great blog. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  19. I must say, I could not agree with you in 100%, but its just my opinion, which indeed could be wrong.
    p.s. You have a very good template . Where did you find it?

  20. […] View StoryBlogsJordan Chandler Admits was not molested by MJJ in 1993 « Frank … View Story According to the Global Grind Jordan Chandler admits he lied on Michael for his father. They were […]

  21. I’ll wait for some fact checking by reliable reporters before I believe this.


  23. Michael Jackson was and will always be my idol and the public figure I love the most, even though I obviusly think he was innocent I trully believe this Jordan Chandler report its 100% fake, there isnt reliable articles of this news in any important site,and grammar its that bad because this blog was done and copy-pasted in the latino community. I think it has mean purposes and could screw a lot a young persons life ( even if that person lied for whatever reasons and try to ” destroy” Michael I dont think “eye for an eye” its a mature way of responding).

    P.d Michael Jackson I will always remember you and your music.

  24. TO ALL THE WONDERFUL FANS of Michael Jackson.
    Please enjoy a very special RIP Dedication video
    & feel welcome to share your memories of the King of Pop.


  25. Hello everyone!
    I just stopped by to read more news about the death of The Kind of Pop and of course, I started reading these comments and someone said: ”Jordan Chandler was born, raised, and educated in the United States, so he speaks English as well as any other natural-born US citizen.” But how does a natural-born U.S. citizen speak? I do not agree or disagree with this statement/opinion BUT EVEN a native person can SPEAK BADLY his/her own mother tongue. I am not an American native/”natural-born U.S. citizen” (as you could realize this by my mistakes I probably made…) BUT I can tell you all that even a native can speak and write badly and not correctly his/her own language!! I’ve met people from my country who were NOT speaking and writing correctly their own language (mother tongue). And I have seen this in other languages as well. So, it is very probably that the letter Jordan Chandler ”sent” to be HIS, despite the writing mistakes it has. Personally, I don’t think this is a good criteria to believe that he did not write that. Peace and this was just my opinion.
    R.I.P. Michael Jackson! I think you are happier there and not suffering like you did (and we do not know officially about all your suffering and pain you went through)!!!!!

  26. I know people who know the Chandlers, and they know Hells Angels and other drug dealers. They like to make easy money. Michael Jackson worked very hard all his life. It’s too bad Michael paid them off. They are skum.

  27. this site and article is a Hoax it’s not real

    ok, Michael actually lived with Jordan and his mother. He took Jordan everywhere, EVERYWHERE… They held hands, they hugged and kissed in public. Jordan didn’t want to charge Micheal because he LOVED him, They were in love with each other. Micheal bought Jordan and his mother lots of clothing and groceries and bling. Micheal at the time even called Jordan his boyfriend. Evan Chandler wanted to make money off it. He made Jordan say he was sexually molested. Although yes they have had sex but it was willing between Micheal and Jordan.

    Jordan told the police that masturbated together, acts of hugging and kissing. Jordan also told police descriptions of Micheal Jacksons penis, which turned out very accurate.

    either way Micheal is a creep, Micheal and Jordan were a couple in love. That is wrong…

    I feel sorry for Micheal’s passing but I do believe Micheal got off too easy. He was a sick man, he should have been locked behind bars.

    it’s not the people that killed Micheal… It was Micheals actions that killed Micheal…
    if you are innocent you fight for it and prove it. You don’t pay them off with money to be quiet about it… And you don’t start popping pills.

    Micheal even told Lisa Marie Presley that he was going to go out the way Elvis did…

    One more thing, There is no evidence stating that Jordan admitted he lied about Micheal Jackson… If there is there was nothing on TV and there was no real report coming from Jordan Chandler. People are in grieving stages about Micheals death and will believe or want to believe in anything that someone makes up, like the article you made here. Jordan never admitted anything either than he loved Micheal and that they played with eachothers body parts…

    if Jordan really did say something show the link cause there is nothing

  28. […] […]

  29. just go to and type in michael jackson and then scroll down to the 2004-2005 molestation accusations against michael and below that there is the JC Penny part that speaks about how the Gavin Arviso family (’05 accussers) Mom, dad, Gavin and his sister, were caught in 1998, together shoplifting and how the mother later on after her arrest made accusations of the security guards sexually assulting and beating her, and JC Penny settled out of court with them eventually for $135.000.00 dollars!!!! THIS IS FACT! Draw your own conclusions, some people are just low low low! R.I.P. Michael, you were a genious and a good man…Gavin and Jordan are now the men in the mirror!

  30. correction! vs. Jackson

  31. this is what happened when people are mighty greedy and want to have money. that boy can be a great prostitute. pimp by his father

  32. H O A X

  33. MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASSHOLE MOTHER FUCKER GOING TO DIE BURN IN HELL U SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!! MOTHER FUCKER ! u put him threw HELL and now u descide to admitt that he didnt do anything to you?????????WHY NOT THEN?!!!!!? U RUINED HIS LIFE AND HIS NAME! BECAUSE OF U PEOPLE PUT HIS NAME DOWN ! AND TRASH IT! GO TO FUCKING HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Why does everyone want to believe that it is a hoax that this creepy kid admitted he lied? Why would that be so unbelievable. Everyone sure does like to believe it when Michael was accused of this crap. I think everyone should want to believe Michael was not guilty of this stuff, and that the hoax was when the lies from this deranged family started this stuff against Michael. I believe the creep lied about Michael, always have. Grow a pair, Jordan, and go public about your horrible deed!!!

  35. GO TO FUCKING HELL U LIER! BURN IN HELL AND MICHAEL HATES U……………..look , dude , why now? why didnt you say anything before he died? i know because you knew what he’d do to you. Fucking dumbass!

  36. Let’s not forget the so called journalist the likes of Dianne Dimond, and other media outlets that helped in fanning and fueling the flame of the story at the time. I always knew MJ was innocent…R.I.P.

  37. I Love MJ, and I always will. If Jordan wants forgiveness who are we not to allow it I’m sure Michael would forgive him, because Micheal was a great person. What would Jesus do? he would forgive, and besides MJ is in a better place right now.

    I miss him, but he is in great hands.

  38. Them people need to be punished by the law and in after life that is so messed up how they destroyed michael jackso life and they need to pay

  39. it is about time michael jackson got cleared. just to bad he was not clears sooner. that was great the jordan cleared michaels name. god bless michaels family and hope things get better for them


  41. On June 30, 2009 at 8:36 pm roater Said: , man shut the fuck up!!!! your a fucking asshole , he never did anything to him and this proves it , so fuck off bitch. michael is amazing and he would never do anything to him and you have the fucking odasity to talk shit man fuck you. FUCK FUCK YOU!

  42. AND AND AND! i think Michael is dead because When the showed Neverland , They saw a ghost. look at this , hes there. and its fucking scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rip

  43. First of all I just had a feeling he was innocent the first thing the dad asked for is money why would he care more about money than having justice for their child if he was trully telling the truth he woudn’t even care about the money the thing is that I feel horrible for Michael there are people all around the world who still think he is a child molester and not just that but they also teased him which pissed me off he was a good guy there was no way he would do something like that he gave away about 300-500 million to charity and humanity work which is the thing we should have praised him for instead of creating his life a nightmare. If some of you stupid ignorant people like the congressman got to see the sweet angel he was and and all those videos being a normal person and what he did to help out kids INSTEAD of molesting them you would of seen he was an extraordinary gift that god had brought us but we didn’t appreciate it and some of you still don’t so all of you who think all these horrible stuff like one comment i read about paris crying saying ohhh whaa he touched my peepee you are the ones who are sick you never heard saying things like that did you and if you said he should burn in hell you obviously are a lowlife and need some reasearch to do. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

  44. this video is for all MICHAEL JACKSON FANS AROUND THE WORLD who mourns the King of Pop. IT WILL CHEER YOU UP

  45. They need to be sued for all the pain and headache they case Micaheal Jackson. It is a shame how peolpe lie to make money. One thing I do know is that God don’t like ungly. MJ may your soul rest in perfect peace.

  46. first of all, RIP Mikael a.k.a Micheal Jackson..
    may Allah bless you..
    Jordan, i hope that you burn i hell for eternity for what have you done to Micheal and his family..

  47. They have truly damaged Michael Jackson’s reputation.
    They need to publicly do the right thing. Sincere condolences to the Jacksons. This song is for you…

  48. Well i mean ALOT!! of people need to read this! BUT some people are still going to call him a child molester and that just goes to show that people really just hate Michael Jackson just to hate him, and they use the child molestation cases as an exuse, but this needs to be broadcast on tv so, at least his name could be back to Michael Jackson and not a “pervert” we miss you Michael Jackson and i always knew you were innocent!

  49. Why don’t people pray for all the things that have happened to Michael. That he is at peace, no longer in mental and physical pain. That his children are blessed and that his family find the way. That the press stop the negativity. That the world stop all of this mania. Killings, drugs, cold heartedness, wars. Let there be peace. “Everything must change. Nothing stays the change” Please let the turmoil stop. I also feel the pain of what’s going on. The hurting in my heart. We must pray every day. Simple as God help us.

    • Is it now about Michael or is it about the survivors, we should pray for the living and not the dead. This is far from over!

  50. Jordan Chandler would not be stupid enough to make any statement or comments cuz…he will be sued by Michael’s surviving family, period.

    Some people have recently come to their conclusion that MJ did not commit these acts, after actually reading the court files, or remain ignorant and prefer to stick to their judgement without looking at the facts for themselves. I feel sorry for those people.

    Wether Jordan makes a statement or not, I dont care. I dont think he did anything wrong…it wasnt in his nature. Just because a person might do something you may not want to do…doesnt mean they are doing wrong.

    RIP Michael….this may be the only way you will finally be in peace…MUCH love, dear.

  51. […] […]

  52. […] Jordan Chandler Admits was not molested by MJJ in 1993 […]

  53. There is no way that Jordan Chandler made this statement. This is complete and utter fiction. While Jordan avoided testifying against Michael in the Arvizo case, he did so because it was part of the agreement when he was paid 20 million dollars in hush money. His statements about the things Michael Jackson did to him, and the spots on the bottom of Michael’s penis remain public record.
    The people who have attacked the child victims of Michael Jackson should be ashamed of themselves. This wave of unconditional adoration for Michael at the expense of his victims is disturbing.

  54. thank you for this information. I hope u ll go on helping us to learn this kind of important issues Eğlence ve hüznün bir arada yaşandığı bir dünya.!!!

  55. Whether Jordan Chandler, or any of the others ever come forward and admit that MJ never molested them or not not, people with any amount of common sense or intelligence, or logic know that MJ did not molest any children, at any time. I cannot believe that the children’s protective services of america would allow 3 innocent children, 2 boys and 1 girl, to live in the house with him, as their father. I know why, ecause it was never proven that he was guilty of anything, for the simple reason, HE NEVER MOLESTED ANY CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!! But people chose to still believe it because it suited their sick minds and the jealousy they felt towards him. Well now he is gone to a better place, and society will have to find someone else to berate and malign.

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